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What makes Kwintessential different from others?


Working with documents in almost any format

Specialist knowledge

Qualified translators who know your subject matter inside and out

Pin-point accuracy

High-quality, word-perfect technical translation in over 200 languages

Legal compliance

Experts in making sure your translated content complies with local regulations

What is technical translation?

It could be a user guide. An operating manual. A product specification. Or a medical journal. Some translations require advanced sector-specific technical knowledge if you want the best results.

Because a translator can be the best linguist in the world, but if they don’t understand the terminology in the document they are translating, the result will never be as good as you need it to be.

That’s where our technical translators come in. Our technical translations will often include industry-specific or client-specific terminology and vocabulary.

To ensure you always get a translation of the highest professional standard, we work with linguists who are also industry experts. These are qualified translators who can demonstrate specialist knowledge in your chosen field. Because it also happens to be theirs.

Working with your terminology

We will integrate these into our workflow for your projects if you have existing translations or glossaries of terms. This guarantees that the translations you receive from us say exactly what you need them to. It also ensures they remain consistent with your other translated materials.

If you don’t have glossaries or termbases, we can help you create them. Our expert translators stay on top of new developments within their specialist fields.

So you can be sure that our technical translations will always be fully informed and up-to-date.


Our technical translation clients

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Technical translation necessitates meticulous attention to detail for accuracy and completeness

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to the technical translations we produce for our international clients. We use extra caution and never leave anything up to chance when dealing with such projects. Linguistic slip-ups in an operating manual or a set of safety specifications can have devastating outcomes, so we don’t take any risks with these critical documents.

Our translator recruitment, vetting process, and quality management systems meet or exceed the requirements of the ISO 17100 international translation standard and the ISO 9001 international quality standard. Quality and accuracy are at the heart of everything we do.

Meeting your format and quality demands

Whatever format your document is in, we can send you back a publication-ready translation in the same format. Working with our multilingual DTP specialists, we can handle almost any form, including InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, Publisher, and CSV.

Our dedicated linguists’ translations are monitored on a project-by-project basis. We also continuously provide our linguists with relevant feedback. This all helps ensure we leave the smallest possible margin for error with any materials you entrust to us..

Matching your project with the right expertise and technology has never been easier. Unlock the power of our technical translation services and get a free, no-obligation quote today! Whether you are in London, throughout the UK or anywhere else worldwide, call us on 01460 279900.

Matching your project with the right expertise

Our experienced team of project managers are used to dealing with documents from a broad range of specialist areas. They will always select the technical translator – from a team based both locally in London and in-country in regions around the world – who is best suited for each project based on their specific experience.

We can call on expertise in over 200 languages and a wide range of subject areas, including:

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

  • Patient medical records
  • Clinical trials
  • Pharmaceutical patents
  • Medical instrument manuals
  • Personal care product packaging


  • Machine operating manuals
  • Accident reports
  • Safety guidelines/reports
  • Specifications
  • Technical training materials


  • Websites
  • Software and apps
  • User guides
  • Network maps
  • E-commerce

Material Sciences

  • Chemical analysis
  • Geological surveys
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining and minerals
  • Power generation


  • Medical patents
  • Mechanical patents
  • Electronics patents
  • Software patents
  • Aerospace patents

Building Sciences

  • Survey reports
  • Architectural plans
  • Inspection reports
  • Construction specifications
  • Project proposals

Extending Our Expertise Across the UK

Our prowess in technical translation isn’t confined to our doorstep. We’re dedicated to serving organisations throughout the UK, from the bustling streets of Manchester to the historic heart of Liverpool and everywhere in between. No matter your UK base, we’re on hand to ensure your technical communications are fluent, accurate, and tailored to your needs, with a touch of British excellence.

Ready to elevate your technical documents? Connect with our experts today and take the first step towards seamless global communication. Whether it’s an inquiry or a project in mind, we’re here to assist. Contact us now and let’s make your technical translation journey effortless.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Technical Translation?
We specialise in translating technical documents like user guides, operating manuals, and product specifications that require sector-specific knowledge.

Q. What sets our technical translation services apart?
Our services are known for flexibility, specialist knowledge, accuracy, and compliance with legal standards.

Q. How do we ensure quality and accuracy in translations?
We employ qualified translators with specialist knowledge and adhere to international quality standards.

Q. Can we handle various document formats?
Yes, we can work with and deliver translations in formats like InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, Publisher, and CSV.

Q. What types of technical documents do we translate?
We translate a range of documents, including medical records, patents, manuals, software guides, and building sciences documents.

Q. What languages do we offer for technical translations?
We provide technical translations in over 200 languages, including major ones like French, Spanish, and German.

Q. How do we manage project-specific requirements?
Our experienced project managers select suitable translators based on each project’s specific requirements.

Q. How can clients get a quote for our services?
Clients can contact us for a no-obligation quote, typically provided within an hour.

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