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Professional, high quality interpreters in over 200 languages available in the UK and worldwide.

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What makes Kwintessential different from others?

Global reach

Professional interpreters throughout the UK and internationally

Bespoke solutions

From conferences to court hearings, the right interpreter for you

Pure professionalism

Vetted, qualified linguists with years of experience and expertise

Personal, friendly service

UK-based team happy to help you, whatever your requirements

Bespoke interpreting solutions

As it becomes ever easier for people and companies to make their presence felt across the globe, the need for effective multilingual human communication is growing.

Telephone Interpreting Services

A fast and professional telephone interpreting service in over 200 world languages.

Multilingual Transcription Services

Professional level audio transcription services in all major world languages.

Legal Interpreter Services

Qualified legal interpreters in all major world languages and across all practice areas.

Business Interpreter Service

Professional interpreters for all your business needs.

Court Interpreter Services

Professional, qualified court interpreters across the UK.

Conference Interpreter Services

Industry-leading conference interpreters around the globe.

Kwintessential works with a variety of different clients

Whether it’s a client, a colleague or a supplier, nothing increases the effectiveness of communication more than speaking to them in their own language.

Whether you’re planning an industry conference with thousands of multilingual delegates, or you need language support for a court hearing, an interview about am insurance claim or a medical appointment, Kwintessential’s global network of expert interpreters are standing by to help. All of our interpreters are masters of whichever languages they interpret between. What’s more, we also only work with linguists that can demonstrate measurable expertise in their particular field, whether that be medical, legal, business or whatever else.

If you’re not sure exactly what type of interpreter you need, we’re happy to provide you with support and advice to help you choose the best solution. Sometimes the speed and convenience of telephone interpreting are what works best for you, but sometimes only the personal touch that comes from face-to-face interpreting will do. At Kwintessential, we will take the time to get to fully understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and to make sure we provide you with the best possible service, and the most appropriate interpreter.

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Business interpreter services

With the ever-growing need for international communication and business growth across borders, oceans and continents, we understand the need for a simple, effective interpretation service.

With guaranteed quality and more than 200 languages covered, we aim to ensure that language barriers are one obstacle your business does not have to face.

With years of experience in a wide range of business sectors in the UK and internationally, our language interpreters are each qualified in a specific field of the business landscape, meaning that technical language and terminology is no issue during your multi-lingual meetings and communications. Our highly qualified and experienced interpretation team are dedicated to providing a seamless service which allows you to focus on connecting with business partners, colleagues and clients, without having to worry about learning a new language or risking being misunderstood.

We were extremely happy with the interpreter assigned to us and we would definitely love to use you again.
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Court Interpreting Services

A trial or court hearing can be one of the most important and delicate times for many of our clients – particularly where there is a language barrier to overcome. Ensuring that the exact wording, context and meaning of what you are saying is maintained throughout the interpretation is paramount to the efficient resolution and accurate representation of evidence and facts.

With decades of experience providing language support to the legal sector, we understand how this vital service can affect lives. We only work with the best, and our dedicated, DPSI qualified team of court interpreters are devoted to providing a precise, accurate and detailed service, whilst adhering to the highest standards of professionalism. Our court interpreters are available across all languages, able to attend hearings in all parts of the UK, and can offer an unrivalled level of language support for all clients.

For more information on our court interpreter services, speak to a member of our team today.

Conference Interpreting

With their busy, dynamic environment conferences can be one of the most challenging contexts in which to provide effective in-person language solutions. Our interpreting team have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing accurate, real-time conference interpreting services across a huge range of languages and subject areas. Whether you need simultaneous interpreting in multiple languages for hundreds of delegates or a whisper interpreter for 1 or 2 people, Kwintessential’s team are ready and waiting to help.

Our trusted, experienced interpreting team have extensive qualifications and knowledge of their respective fields, so that whatever the subject matter of your conference, be it scientific, technical, business, or marketing, we have an expert for you. Our interpreters understand the need for precision and accuracy during conferences. To this end, our team maintain up-to-date knowledge of key terminology, industry news and developments, to ensure that your message and meaning is not lost during the interpretation process.

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Telephone interpreting services

As industry leaders in business interpretation services, we know that it is not always practical to speak in a face-to-face environment. For this reason, we have an established telephone interpretation service with an easy to understand and set-up system.

Setting up your telephone interpretation service is simple – you just let us know your requirements and we make the necessary arrangements to have a qualified interpreter available. Whether you have your own in-house telephone conference system or you would like to use ours, we can arrange it all for you.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of multi-lingual telephone communication and to leave both parties with more time to focus on what’s important – your business, getting your message across and making progress.

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