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Foreign language copywriting for websites, brochures, press releases, adverts, social media, emails, newsletters, articles and more.

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What is foreign language & multilingual copywriting?

Rather than write copy in English and have it translated, our multilingual copywriting service is carried out directly in the target language ensuring our copy resonates with the readership’s cultural and linguistic expectations.

If you have a project which needs some excellent copywriting direct in another language, simply contact one of the team who will talk you through the process.

Writing good multilingual content

We consider three areas to be of key importance for good foreign language copy:

1. Readability

Content (or copy) should be short, sharp and punchy. In addition, it must contain information that both interests the reader and assures them that your website, article or advert has authority over the subject area. Writing copy in English first does not help this process. Briefing a multilingual copywriter on the aims and objectives of a project, target audience, tone of voice, etc all help them write copy directly in the language.

2. Cultural Applicability

Different cultures place different emphasis and/or expectations on what information they wish to read. A certain style of writing, i.e. factual/formal vs. opinionated/informal, will either entice or deter readers or potential customers from other cultures. It is critically important to understand the cultural values of the country/region you are targeting and to tailor content accordingly. As we write copy directly in and to a target country or culture, we ensure the modes of thinking, values, norms and ‘buttons’ that need to be pressed are all part of the process.

3. Keyword density

Aimed specifically at website copy, if you wish your website or page to be successful on search engines, each page of writing must contain a certain density of ‘keywords’. A keyword describes a phrase or word that a search engine will associate with a page on a website. For example, if you have a page on your website that aims to attract people searching for ‘persian cats’, the content on that page must have a certain percentage of words containing that phrase. On top of this, it’s critical to ensure that the keywords used are the keywords searched for by internet users.

We have been working with marketing, advertising, PR and major brands for years in helping them get their messages right for a global audience. So whether it’s content for a Facebook page, blog posts, press releases or “squeeze pages”, no matter what multilingual copywriting you may need we have you well and truly taken care of.

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