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Marketing translation is a field which is rarely given the importance it rightly deserves. A successful translation of your marketing content is about so much more than just translating the words themselves. It’s all about message and tone of voice; about making sure your content has the same impact in the target language as it does in the language you wrote it in. It’s about making sure that your brand and your identity shine through.

At Kwintessential we work with native, in-country translators who have a wealth of experience in both translating and writing marketing materials. Our expert linguists know that their translations need to be creative and persuasive, and that they need to do more than simply translate your content. They use their understanding of your target market’s local culture to localize your content, making it read like it was originally written for that audience.

Our experienced project managers will work with your marketing department to make sure that we fully understand every aspect of your business and its culture before we start translating. We take the time to find out what your corporate identity is and who your customers are, and we help you to reach out to them effectively. We will work with your in-country reviewers, refining and honing translated copy until it’s perfect, and using your input to help us build up glossaries and style guides that meet your requirements.

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Translation or Transcreation?

When it comes to creating foreign language marketing materials, sometimes even the best translation is not enough. Things like slogans, taglines, company and product names won’t always have the same impact in the target language. So much time and creativity goes into creating this kind of content in the first place, so it only makes sense to put the same amount of effort and flair when adapting this content into other languages.

That’s where transcreation comes in.

Transcreation is a portmanteau word, a combination of “translation” and “creation”. And that’s exactly what it is. Rather than simply translating your content into another language, our linguists can get more creative, coming up with alternative solutions that aren’t the same as the source text, but which resonate more effectively with your target audience. Our transcreation experts bridge the gap between translation and copywriting, using their understanding of your brand and your market to take your translated content to the next level.

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Publication ready documents

If you have a brochure, or a newsletter or any other hard copy marketing collateral, we can help you translate it into over 200 languages. We also offer multilingual DTP services, so we can make sure that your translated content is sent back to you in a print-ready format. We also offer linguistic sign-off on publishable content, so that once the documents have been translated and the DTP has been carried out, our in-country linguists will make sure that it looks how it should.

Maybe you already have your marketing materials translated from a previous campaign. We can provide a review of marketing copy by native speaking experts, who will be able to check that your translated materials are well-written, culturally appropriate for the target market and still up to date.

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