Multilingual Transcription Services

Professional level audio transcription services in all major world languages.

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What makes Kwintessential different from others?

Rapid turnaround

Get fast, accurate transcripts delivered on time

Expert translation on demand

Need your transcript in another language? Our linguist are standing by

Personalised service

We work with you to learn your in-house terminology

Quality and accuracy

Professional transcribers capture every word of your source files

What is transcription?

Transcription is the production of written records of audio or video files. It is used in everything from subtitles in video to documenting court hearings. Today, transcription is becoming more important than ever as online video becomes the most consumed type of media in the world.

Our clients in London and globally use our multilingual transcription services to turn speech into text simply and easily. We create speech to text transcriptions for all applications and work in over 200 languages.

You can use us to accurately transcribe the content of any audio or video files you supply in the same language as that used in the file. We can also then provide professional translation of the freshly transcribed content into almost any language you might require.

Using Kwintessential for transcription in London

Whether you need to transcribe a whole movie, a short YouTube video, or even court hearings, accurate transcription of audio and video is the first step towards accessibility and accountability.

With Kwintessential, you get professional-quality transcription. We can work from video files, audio files, or even physical media. As with our translation services, all of the transcription work we perform for clients in London and worldwide is carried out confidentially and securely by accredited professionals.

Our expert translators and transcription specialists mean we can deliver the text to you in any language, ready for any audience. All transcriptions can be matched against the original text and time codes

What’s more, you’ll always have a native speaker doing the work. This means someone who knows the idioms, phrases and regional variations of your source language.

Working with files in any format

We can work with any standard audio or video file type. Even with legacy recordings captured on older systems.

Typically, we work with high quality .wav or .mp3 recordings. But we can also work with modern file formats found on smartphones. You can have us work with physical media, too – audio CDs and video on DVD.

For more information about using our multilingual transcription services in London or anywhere in the world, call us on 01460 279900 or contact us online for a free no-obligation quote.