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Do you need a one-off document translation? Do you want to localise your website for a foreign market?

Trust Kwintessential to provide the translation services you need in Swansea. Just as the BBC, Marks & Spencer, American Express, Harper Collins, and numerous other household brands do across Wales, the UK, and beyond.

Since 2003, Kwintessential has helped thousands of clients break down language barriers and communicate with their audiences in different parts of the world. With a global network of over a thousand linguists, we can call on experts in specific fields with years of experience behind them.

Count on translation services that meet the highlight sought-after ISO 9001 International Quality Standard and the ISO 17100 Translation Standard. Just what you need to know you are getting fast, high-quality, professional service every time.

Translation services designed for Swansea industries

Make sure your translated materials use all of the terminology of your industry accurately. We do this by only ever using highly skilled translators who are qualified and/ or experienced in particular fields.

In Swansea, this might mean using linguists who are experts in the service sector, which provides over 90% of jobs in the local region. It might mean sourcing specialists in banking and finance, insurance, public administration, or education and health. All of these are well represented in the local area thanks to Swansea’s role as South West Wales’ service centre.

The linguist delivering your translation service will also have extensive experience with that kind of content. So whether you’re translating a technical manual, marketing copy for an email campaign, or a complex legal document, they will have the specific necessary knowledge. We regularly provide:

  • Document translation
  • Legal translation
  • Technical translation
  • Business translation

Find the right interpreting services too

It’s not just written translation services we provide for Swansea organisations. From conferences to court hearings to business meetings, our network of qualified and experienced interpreters ensures you can always get just the right linguist you need for the event at hand.

Some of the most common types of interpreting services we provide in the local area are the following, in one of the two most common modes of interpretation – simultaneous and consecutive:

Consecutive interpreting

During consecutive interpretation, the speaker and interpreter take it in turns to speak. The interpreter waits for a natural pause in the conversation before relaying what has been said.

This style of interpreting is often used for more intimate, small group settings such as business meetings, medical appointments, or anywhere speakers may want to have a two-way conversation through an interpreter.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is used in large-scale events such as conferences or sporting events, where the information needs to be translated in real-time, or as quickly as possible.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is often positioned in a sound-proof room. They listen to speakers through a headset while translating what is being said to a client who often is wearing an earpiece.

This method is also useful in situations where what is being said needs to be translated into several different languages, such as conferences with multiple international delegates.

Get just what you need for your project

  • Talk with your personal account manager to ensure your project always meets your goals
  • Count on industry expertise in every sector and covering all project types.
  • Localise, translate, and transcreate your content into more than 200 languages
  • Source interpreters for every event, including virtual ones
  • Know that your project will always meet the vital ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards

Discuss how Kwintessential can help you today. Request a free, no-obligation quote on the interpreting or translation services you need in Swansea. Or find out more about how we can help you achieve your objectives with your latest language project.

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