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The BBC. American Express. Facebook. Some of the biggest organisations get their translation services from Kwintessential.

We work with businesses and individuals too – always giving them the same attentive, personal service we provide to our most famous clients.

With more than 2000 professional translators and interpreters specialising in unique fields and covering more than 200 languages, we always find the ideal linguist for your specific project or assignment.

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What type of translation services do you need in Nottingham?

As one of the few translation agencies in the UK accredited to both ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 levels, we’ve spent the last 15 years helping our clients break down language barriers and communicate their message to the world.

Choose from a range of bespoke services, ideal for everything from localising your web content for new international markets to precisely translating technical schematics and more. The services that we provide include:

Get language expertise in your industry

Historically linked to specialist manufacturing, lace, and tobacco production, today Nottingham is host to organisations in almost every industry – not to mention being a UNESCO City of Literature and the “Home of English Sport”.

Whatever industry you are in, the most important thing as far as your translation services are concerned is that your linguist is as familiar as you are with the technical language you use every day. In Nottingham, this might mean everything from automobile manufacturing to betting, games and gambling to biosciences or banking and finance.

With us, whichever field you’re in, you know that your linguist will always have matching qualifications and experience. So you communicate like the expert you are no matter what language you’re working in.

Booking the right interpreting services in Nottingham

There is nothing quite like communicating with someone in their own language. Our network of fully qualified and highly experienced interpreters is on-hand for all of your spoken interpreting needs. You can always count on us to provide:

Simultaneous interpreting is the kind you may have seen at large conferences with many international delegates or during sporting events such as the Olympics. The interpreter translates what the speaker is saying in real-time, and is often required to use some specialist equipment.

Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter translates what the speaker is saying during natural pauses in conversation. This means that the interpreter speaks only after the speaker has finished what they are saying. This method doesn’t require any specialist equipment and is suitable for situations such as meetings and medical appointments.

Experts in specific fields are par for the course with our interpreting services. We regularly source professionals in all disciplines, including:

Source the language expertise you need

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 17100-certified quality
  • Subject matter specialists in your specific field
  • A global talent pool covering every industry and over 200 languages
  • Bespoke spoken and written translation services for projects across Nottingham and beyond

Languages we translate

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Nottingham – facts and things to know

Where is Nottingham?

Nottingham is situated in the East Midlands area of England, just over 200 km north of London.

What were Nottingham’s historic industries?

Historically, like many cities in the middle of England, Nottingham first found itself to be growing in size during the Industrial Revolution. Textiles – lace, in particular – were manufactured in Nottingham in quantities and quality that became renowned around the world.

Today, the part of the city known as the Lace Market has been restored. But following the Second World War, Nottingham’s textile industry gradually faded in prominence. It was replaced somewhat by bicycle manufacture – Raleigh Bicycles and Sturmey-Archer both had headquarters in the region until relatively recently – and the tobacco industry.

Modern Nottingham has announced a focus on digital media, life sciences, and low-carbon technologies – the city was named one of the UK’s key science cities in 2005 – and the usual financial services, business services, and retail found in most other UK cities.

How big is Nottingham?

The city of Nottingham has a population of around 330 000. This grows to perhaps 765 000 if you take into account all of its suburbs.

Taken as a whole, the Nottingham area is the second-largest urban area in the Midlands of England and the largest in the East Midlands.

What is Nottingham famous for?

Nottingham is probably most famous for its connection to Robin Hood, a legendary outlaw and hero of the common people. Robin Hood is famous for “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor” and his band of “Merry Men”, though whether such a figure is a historical fact is a matter of debate among historians.

The city has to a large extent built a tourist trade on the legend as well as certain other aspects of the city and its attractive environs. In 2018 alone, 36 million tourists visited Nottingham, many drawn by the idea of the city of Robin Hood. There is even a bell – the fifth-largest in England – in Nottingham Council House that is called “Little John”, the name of the best-known member of Robin Hood’s band.

Nottingham is also known for its sport and was actually named the “Home of English Sport” in 2015. The city is known for its long association with cricket and football as well as tennis, all sports favoured by the English.

There is a smattering of inventions that hail from Nottingham too. Ibuprofen, traffic lights, tarmac, videotape recording methods, and the MRI scanner among them.

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