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Call on accredited interpreting and translation services in Leicester, across the UK and beyond. Ideal for any project you might have – from marketing localisation to technical documents to translating video content.

Kwintessential is the translation agency turned to by brands like American Express and Marks & Spencer – among a huge range of other satisfied clients in every industry – when they need high-quality translations for any purpose.

As one of the few UK translation companies to be certified to both ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 international quality standards – and relying exclusively on native-speaking, subject matter specialist linguists – we have been delivering the highest quality language services, both in the UK and internationally, for more than 15 years.

Source specialist translation services in Leicester

Thanks to our global network of language experts, we can provide translations in over 200 languages.

But our linguists are not just masters of the languages they translate. They are also highly qualified and/or experienced in their chosen sector. Every project we deliver is handled by language experts who have a thorough understanding of the subject matter and related industry-specific terms.

For our clients in Leicester, this means we often source specialist translators with experience in sectors with a large local presence. This might mean banking, textiles – an industry with a long and storied history in the local area – engineering or the food and drinks sector.

No matter the language you’re communicating in, no matter your field, we ensure you sound like the professional you are. We provide translation services for clients across Leicester and beyond who require specific expertise in:

Arrange interpreting services for your assignment in Leicester

Whether you want to communicate with clients, colleagues or stakeholders, there is no better way to build a connection with someone than by really speaking their language.

With Kwintessential, this happens on two levels. First, we make sure that you are communicating through someone who is a master of both languages involved.

Secondly, we ensure that the interpreter assigned to you in Leicester – or for your assignment across the UK or anywhere in the world – is a specialist in your specific field or industry.

With the help of our expert interpreters, you can overcome any language barrier, knowing that there will be zero miscommunication. We regularly provide spoken linguists in specific fields, such as:

Do I need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting?

The verbal translation services we offer in Leicester, across the UK and worldwide are available in two major modes:

Simultaneous Interpreting

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpreting is where speech is translated in real-time. When simultaneously interpreting, an interpreter listens to what is being said and quickly translates it, often speaking through a microphone to listeners wearing headphones or an earpiece.

This method is often used for live, large-scale events such as television broadcasts or conferences, where there mustn’t be a delay between what is being said and the translation arriving.

Simultaneous interpreting is also used in situations where multiple delegates who speak different languages are all attending the same event, such as a conference with many international delegates.

Consecutive Interpreting

During consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to what a speaker is saying and then translates their speech during a natural pause in the conversation.

This can work well for smaller group meetings and situations where individuals may want to pause the conversation in order to ask questions through an interpreter.

Working with a global expert in translation services

From our headquarters in London, Kwintessential provides high-quality translation services to clients in Leicester, across the UK and globally.

Whatever your language needs, we’ll be able to find the right solution for you. You can send your projects and materials to be translated to us via our secure online submission route and get a free quote with zero obligation.

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