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When you need interpreting or translation services in Cardiff, Kwintessential is here to help.

Do you need to localise your marketing for an international market? Get language support for a conference? Or translate your website or app for any market in the world?

Some of the UK’s biggest household names – including the BBC and Marks & Spencer – use Kwintessential, and have been doing so for the past 15 years.

One of the few UK translation agencies accredited to both ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 international quality standards, the more than 1000 trusted spoken and written language specialists in our global talent pool ensure we deliver the highest quality translation services in over 200 languages. To clients in Cardiff, across the UK and around the world.

Get language services matched to your project

Is it a written or spoken language service that you need? Do you need technical translation? Or a freer, more creative localisation or transcreation process for your brand or marketing materials?

Whatever you need, we have the experts standing by to deliver:

Translation services for all Cardiff industries

No matter the task you have at hand, we understand the importance of finding a translator with specialist knowledge of the subject.

As the major commercial hub of Wales, the large number of finance and business services companies in Cardiff are particularly fond of Kwintessential. Because they know that their projects will always be handled by linguists who are qualified and/ or experienced in their sector in addition to possessing high-level language expertise.

No matter what industry you hail from, including the education, health and public administration sectors Cardiff is best known for, we always match you with the right expert.

The specialist translation services we regularly deliver to our Cardiff clients include:

Interpreting services for assignments in Cardiff and beyond

You might need a legal interpreter to assist in witness interviews. You may need an experienced business interpreter to facilitate commercial negotiations. A telephone interpreter when you need language support fast. Or a court interpreter for legal proceedings.

Our experienced and highly qualified team of interpreters are dedicated to providing a seamless service, allowing you to focus on connecting with colleagues, clients, or anyone else, without having to worry about being misunderstood. You might need:

Consecutive interpreting

  • Used in more intimate group settings, such as face-to-face meetings or medical appointments.
  • The interpreter waits for the speaker to take a natural pause in their speech before translating what they have said.
  • Works more like a regular conversation, with only one person speaking at a time.
  • Can be useful for two-way conversations as speakers can pause and ask questions through the interpreter.

Simultaneous interpreting

  • Often used at events where translation needs to be immediate, such as live news broadcasts, conferences or sporting events.
  • Useful when what is being said needs to be translated into several different languages, such as a conference with a large number of international delegates.
  • Requires specialist equipment such as headsets and a microphone.
  • The client often wears an earpiece in order to hear the interpreter, who often sits in a separate sound-proof booth.

Source the perfect language expertise for your project

Working with you from our London headquarters, we are always able to find the right language specialists for your assignment. No matter your purpose, project or the industry you are in.

No matter how big or small the interpreting or translation services you need in Cardiff, contact us. Start speaking with your own personal project manager today.

Languages we translate

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Discover the International Business Hub of Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and one of Europe’s fastest-growing and most dynamic cities. The city is home to many international companies, including BT Group, Admiral Group, Legal & General and HSBC.

Cardiff has established itself as an attractive location for businesses due to its potential for growth and investments in infrastructure, transport links and a skilled workforce. The city is home to several global media, finance, manufacturing and technology companies.

Cardiff has an international airport with services to several European countries, including Germany, Spain and France. It is also connected by road to London, which can be reached in two hours or less by car. Additionally, the city offers a range of low-cost flights to major cities, including London, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam.

Cardiff is home to a thriving business community. The city hosts various networking events, such as Digital Meetups and Cardiff Business Connect, which provide opportunities for local businesses to connect with peers and potential customers.

The city also offers a range of incubator spaces, such as the Cardiff Start initiative, which provides early-stage businesses with resources and advice to help them succeed in the competitive business world.

In addition, Cardiff is home to several major international companies such as Airbus, BBC Wales and Rolls Royce. These companies have chosen Cardiff as their base to capitalise on the city’s cost-effective access to global markets, skilled workforce and potential for growth.

Cardiff has become an attractive destination for businesses worldwide by investing in infrastructure and business opportunities. This is reflected by its thriving business community and range of international companies based in the city.

Cardiff is an excellent place for international companies to call home due to its cost-effective access to global markets, skilled workforce and potential for growth. The city provides businesses with various resources and opportunities, making it the perfect place to start and grow a business.

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