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Translate any materials for any audience – anywhere in the world. The translation services we provide in Cambridge and beyond are used by businesses and individuals for all kinds of purposes:

To localise their marketing for a new target region. To translate their product packaging. Their internal communications. Critical employment or academic documents. E-learning courses. To localise their website – and much more besides.

Join companies like Harper Collins, American Express, the BBC and Marks & Spencer who come to Kwintessential because they know they get subject-specialist translators and their own personal project manager – not to mention full ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality accreditation.

Talk to us today. About the industry you’re in and the translation services you need for the project you have on your hands.

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Communicate through experts in your specific field. Kwintessential has been a certified translation agency for over 15 years and has a global network of over 1000 language experts to call on.

These are specialists who are not only masters of the languages they speak but also highly experienced in their chosen industry. This might be law, medicine, finance, life sciences – or any one of a hundred others.

Let us help you overcome language barriers and reach your global potential. We specialise in:

Every subject matter specialist we entrust to deliver our translation services in Cambridge has gone through a rigorous selection process. They always have matching knowledge and/ or experience in your industry, meaning they create natural, authoritative translations.

Find industry-specific translation services in Cambridge

Have your project paired with the specific expertise you need. We regularly provide the linguistic and sector expertise required by all of the most popular industries in Cambridge.

This includes Research & Development, software consultancy, high-value engineering, creative industries, pharmaceuticals and tourism. As well as many others.

Some of our most popular translation services used by our clients in Cambridge include:

Source interpreting services for Cambridge and beyond

There is no better way to connect with someone than by speaking their language. Use our expert interpreters to avoid any unwanted language barriers in events as diverse as business meetings, conferences, trade shows, doctors appointments, legal appointments and many others.

Count on us to provide specialist interpreters in both major modes of interpreting, such as:

Simultaneous interpreting

This method is often used when verbal translation services need to be provided in real-time without a delay. This might be during a live event like a political speech, news broadcast or sporting event.

Simultaneous interpreting often requires an interpreter to use specialist equipment such as a headset and microphone so that they can listen to what is being said. They interpret simultaneously to a client who may be wearing an earpiece.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is a very versatile method that does not require specialist equipment. This can be done either face-to-face or over the phone.

When performing consecutive interpreting, the interpreter is required to listen to what the speaker is saying and translate this once they have paused in their speech. This method is often used in interviews or meetings where the speakers can pause and ask questions through the interpreter.

Why use Kwintessential?

  • Iron out all of the details of your project with your personal account manager
  • Know your language services are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 level
  • Get expert translations of mission-critical documents, technical schematics, video content…
  • Reach new global audiences in more than 200 languages via native linguists
  • Communicate like the expert you are, using subject matter specialist translators

Tell us how the translation services you need in Cambridge fit in with the rest of your business.

We understand that language services are always part of a bigger picture. Talk us through your needs and we can provide a truly bespoke service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What translation options are available in Cambridge?
А: At Kwintessential, we offer a broad spectrum of translation services in Cambridge. This includes document translation, legal and medical translation, website localisation, and interpretation services. Our services are designed to meet the diverse requirements of academia, local businesses, and the community.

Q: Do you provide specialised academic translation services in Cambridge?
А: Yes. Given Cambridge’s educational and research epicentre status, we provide specialised academic translation services. Our offerings encompass translating research papers, academic articles, theses, and scientific texts. These services are rendered by translators with expertise in specific academic disciplines.

Q: Are you looking for translation services for your international business in Cambridge?
А: We cater to Cambridge-based businesses involved in international trade by offering business document translation, multilingual contract translation, marketing material localisation, and website translation services. Our goal is to facilitate seamless global communication for businesses.

Q: Do you need a legal document translation service in Cambridge?
А: Our translation services in Cambridge include a specialisation in legal documents. We handle the translation of contracts, legal briefs, court documents, and more, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality. Our translators are proficient in legal terminology and concepts, providing reliable support for legal processes.

Q: Do Kwintessential cater to less commonly spoken languages?
А: We provide translation services for an extensive array of languages, including those less commonly spoken. This approach ensures that we meet the unique needs of our varied academic, business, and local community clients, fostering effective communication across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

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