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American Express. The BBC. Marks & Spencer. Join some of the largest local and international companies by using Kwintessential’s translation services in Brighton.

Subject matter specialists chosen for their experience and/or qualifications in your industry, our native-language translators and interpreters ensure you sound like the expert you are. No matter what language you want to communicate in.

You might need to localise your website. Translate instruction manuals or technical content. Or to source an interpreter for a large event or a small one-on-one meeting.

Whatever your goals, we find you the perfect linguist from our global talent pool. Committed to providing the highest quality translation services, we are proud to be one of the few UK language service providers accredited to the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 international quality standards.

Communicate through specialists in your field

The dividing line between a functional translation and one that truly conveys the essence and message of what you’re saying is usually the subject matter knowledge of your translator.

That’s why all of the translation services we deliver in Brighton, across the UK and around the world are handled by industry specialists.

In Brighton, we’ve already done work for the area’s largest private-sector employer – American Express, which has its European Headquarters situated locally. We also regularly work with the kind of creative, digital and new media companies that play such an increasingly large role in Brighton’s economy.

But no matter what industry you’re in, we always locate the ideal linguist for your project. Rewarding even our smallest clients with the same personalised service we give to our biggest-name account holders.

Get interpreting services tailored to your event

What kind of event or assignment do you need your interpreting services to cover?

Choose simultaneous interpreters for large-scale events and conferences. Anywhere you want your interpreter to translate what your speaker is saying in real-time with no delays.

Opt for consecutive interpreters for smaller group contexts. Any time you want to have a conversation through an interpreter, waiting for them to translate during natural pauses in what is being said.

Call on specialist interpreters – both consecutive and simultaneous – in all fields, including:

Why Kwintessential?

  • Certified to industry-leading ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards
  • Subject matter specialists in every industry translating your materials
  • Translate websites, documents, video content and more
  • Have your own personal account manager assigned to you

Enjoy industry-specific translation services for Brighton

Localise your web content for your overseas audience. Translate birth certificates, application documents, and much more besides.

Our worldwide team of 2000 linguists regularly translates into over 200 languages. And our knowledgeable London-based project managers are always on-hand to support you, answering any queries you might have.

Start setting up the translation services you need in Brighton, anywhere in the UK or globally today, including specialisms in:

Languages we translate

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Achieve Your Global Potential

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