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Access the kind of bespoke translation services used by the BBC, American Express, Estée Lauder and some of the other major brands in Leeds, across the UK and around the world.

From localisation expertise to help you reach a new international audience to interpreting services supporting your latest events locally in Leeds or worldwide, we offer a full range of language services to suit every need.

Accredited as meeting both the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards – rare for translation agencies in the UK – Kwintessential only uses linguists who are experts in the fields they work in. These industry specialists bring their unique expertise to every translation task they undertake for you.

Why use Kwintessential?

Whatever your goals, we match your project with a linguist who is also an expert in your field.

In Leeds – with perhaps the most diverse economy of all the UK’s major employment centres – this can mean language specialists who have qualifications and/ or experience in a wide variety of fields. Plus, you get:

  • Your own personal account manager
  • Exclusively native-speaking linguists working on every project
  • Extensive Quality Assurance processes, including professional editing and proofreading

Use translation services for Leeds and global enterprises

Every translation project is unique. You might need a single document translation or want to tap into new foreign markets by localising or even transcreating your entire marketing campaign.

We provide specialists in all major sectors of the Leeds economy. This includes the insurance and banking and finance sectors – important, as the city has the UK’s fifth-largest – as well as leisure and tourism, construction, the creative and digital industries and manufacturing. This latter is a popular field in a city that is a hub for almost 50% of the UK’s manufacturing base.

No matter your project. No matter the industry you are in. We match you with the right expert for the interpreting or translation service you need in Leeds.

Pair additional expertise with your project

Your project will have a specific type. It might be marketing or technical specifications. Mission-critical documents, video content or internal emails.

We always select experts with extensive knowledge of the type of project they will be working on, such as:

Find the perfect linguist for your interpreting services in Leeds

It might be an internal colleague. A potential client or partner. Or a whole new target market you are trying to convert with your advertising.

No matter your audience, nothing boosts the quality of your communications more than talking to them in their own language.

We will always source an interpreter for your assignment in Leeds – or anywhere in the world – who is also an expert in your field or the type of interpreting service you need, including:

Do you need consecutive or simultaneous interpreting?

There are many reasons why you might require an interpreter. The specific details and requirements of your assignment will also vary.

We can provide the full range of interpreters – including in-person, telephone and virtual – in both major types:

  • Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter waits for the speaker to have a natural pause in their conversation before translating. This method often works best in smaller group settings and is commonly used for meetings or in legal and business environments.
  • Simultaneous interpreting is where the interpreter works to translate what the speaker is saying just a moment after they have said it. This method is often used for large-scale, live events such as sporting events, conferences or news broadcasts.

Languages we translate

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Leeds – facts and information

Where is Leeds?

Leeds is located in West Yorkshire, England. It is the largest town in the county and one of the largest in the UK, located slightly to the southwest of York.

Leeds is the centre of the City of Leeds metropolitan borough which covers several surrounding towns – Horsforth, Morley, Otley, Pudsey, Rothwell, and Wetherby.

What were Leeds’ historic industries?

Leeds first grew to appreciable size as a major centre for wool production and wool trading in the 1600s and 1700s.

By the time of the Industrial Revolution, the city was a well-known mill town. But other industries – the production of flax and iron, engineering works, and printing among them – were starting to gain a foothold in the local area.

Throughout the 1800s, Leeds expanded to a large urban expanse, eventually achieving city status in 1893.

How big is Leeds?

Leeds, with its population of almost 475 000 people, is the Yorkshire and Humber region’s most populous area.

The surrounding City of Leeds metropolitan borough has a total population of almost 800 000, making it the second most populous in England.

What is Leeds famous for?

Leeds is famous in many different fields. Chiefly, music, sport, and the arts as well as for the historic events that happened in the city and the surrounding region.

The first-ever moving picture was shot in Leeds. This was done in Roundhay in 1888 before the Lumiere brothers and Edison began their experiments. Carbonated or fizzy drinks were invented in Leeds too, in 1767. The city was also one of the hubs of the Industrial Revolution.

The city is also the birthplace of large numbers of famous people. One of the most notable is Henry Herbert Asquith, who was Prime Minister of Britain during World War I. More recent well-known people born or raised in Leeds include Olympians Nicola Adams and Alistair and John Brownlee, comedian Ernie Wise, chef Marco Pierre White, and singer Corinne Bailey Rae.

Notable Leeds sporting teams include the Leeds Rhinos rugby league team and Leeds United F.C., the latter of which plays at the famous Elland Road Stadium in Beeston. Elland Road is the 14th-largest football stadium in England and its capacity may soon be increased by an additional 50 000.

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