Website Translation and Localization

Website translation is not simply a question of transcribing English text to a target language. In order for the website translation to be precise to the initial text and conveyed relevantly to the target language there must be a full understanding of both areas on the part of the translator.

To be efficient and accurate website localization services must consider the technology and style needs of the target market taking into account the language unique to geographical areas and the specific cultural aspects. Website translation involves of necessity, corresponding navigation to adapt correctly to effective synchronisation of both texts. A further demand of localization in website translation requires formatting the text to integrate relevantly with the target language, images and graphics.

Website translation and localization must also consider the importance of re-setting the menu aspects of script – vis-a-vis Java, Javascript, Flash/Shockwave applications etc.

When considering website translation it is important to understand that localization looks not just at the target language in its entirety but at the locale from whence it originates and predominant language varies from country to country.

It is essential given the above, that when you decide to use website internationalisation services, that an understanding of the added need for localization is key to effective translation.