If you already have a website we can redesign it for you, allowing you the option to add more languages, alter the structure or make any changes to the website you or we deem necessary.

Why Develop your Website?

Website design may be necessary for a number of reasons:

Outdated: If websites have been left for years without changes, they can appear outdated. Website redesign is a cost-effective way of re-energising a website to create appeal.

Search Engines: Website redesign may also be necessary if a website has been designed in a way that makes it less ‘search engine friendly’. All search engines use specific means to read a website. If your website has not been structured in a way that the search engines like, the chances are that it will be ignored and not feature very well on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Foreign Languages: If you plan to add new foreign languages it may be useful to restructure the website to give it a more uniform feel and maximise the usability of the website for foreign users.

Cross Cultural Application: A website, in its current form, may be culturally inappropriate. If you plan to export your website to foreign markets it is necessary to scrutinise it under a cross cultural microscope. The colours, pictures, language, style or user interface may simply not be appropriate in different cultures. We will build and present your website in a manner that ensures it has blanket appeal across cultures.

We can either completely revamp your website or add subtle changes.