German Website Translation

German Website Kwintessential have long been advocates of a move towards multilingual content for today’s businesses seeking expansion abroad. With national markets offering a capped source of revenue, companies must look beyond their own borders in order to gain a competitive advantage. The multilingual website carried out by a simple website translation unlocks doors to numerous foreign markets.


Why a German Website?


Germany offers great potential due to the amount of trade it does with the outside world plus its internet savvy population. A German website gives you access to millions of new readers, customers or clients.


We have a team of expert German translators who are adept at dealing with website translations into German. All bring with them years of experience and know-how which confidently allows us to guarantee you with a superb translation to help promote your website to a German audience.


All our German website translations are comprised of two elements:


Linguistic Accuracy – we make sure that nothing is “lost in translation.” Your new German website will speak to Germans in a way that is familiar and appealing. The translation will 100% correctly reflect the original in terms of meaning, vocabulary and terminology.


Cultural Compatibility – all our translators will “localize” your website too, meaning we advise on potential cultural issues in both the language used and actual look of a website. (For more information on this service please visit our Cross Cultural Assessment page.)


To get your website translated into German we firstly need to see it. We then:


1. Assess the word count for your website
2. Provide a quote
3. Translate the text into German
4. Return the translation in the format requested


Your German translation will usually be returned to you in “mirror” form – meaning you will be able to see what in German corresponds to English so the person updating your website knows what to do. Kwintessential are also able to deal with any HTML work your site may need, i.e. return the site back to you in translated form. This however incurs an additional cost and naturally adds to the lead time we need.


If your website is brand new or under development we are also able to handle the copywriting of your site along with the translation.