Chinese Website Translation

.cn domain for chinese websitesReady to go .cn?


Kwintessential have long been supporters of a move towards multilingual websites. With non-English speakers soon to become the majority of internet, it makes good business sense for companies and organisations to have their websites translated into key foreign languages.


In addition to our pioneering Website Design service, we also offer Chinese website translation.


Why a Chinese Website?


Chinese, (Mandarin and Cantonese) is an increasingly important international language, spoken by billions of people in the East Asia region. In addition, China has the largest number of internet users after the USA. The potential of a Chinese website is huge.


Our team of Chinese translators are experts with years of experience and know-how in the industry. We guarantee to provide you with a superb website to help promote your business or organisation to a foreign audience.


We ensure your Chinese website translation will concentrate on two essentials:


Linguistic Precision – meaning that the translation correctly reflects the original in terms of meaning, lexis and terminology.


Cultural Compatibility – meaning we advise on potential cultural issues in the language used, e.g. is it written correctly for the right audience or does it attract people?


Kwintessential are also able to deal with any HTML work your site may need, i.e. return the site back to you in translated form. This however incurs an additional cost and naturally adds to the lead time we need.


If your website is brand new or under development we are also able to handle the copywriting of your site along with the translation.


Please call us about your project – we are keen to help.