Albanian Website Translation

Kwintessential have long been part of the movement supporting a shift towards a multilingual internet. With the majority of internet users becoming non-English speakers in years to come, it is critical that forward thinking companies have their websites translated into key foreign languages or those of countries they wish to target.


Albanian is an important European language spoken by about 6,400,000 inhabitants of the eastern Adriatic coast in Albania and also in neighbouring Yugoslavia. For those wishing to access customers, readers or visitors to their websites from these regions an Albanian website is essential.


Our team of Albanian translators bring years of experience and know-how that will guarantee a superb translation to help promote your website to a foreign audience.


We ensure an Albanian website translation combines two elements:


Linguistic Accuracy – meaning that the final translated product correctly reflects the original in terms of meaning, vocabulary and terminology.


Cultural Compatibility – meaning we advise on potential cultural issues in both the language used and actual look of a website. (For more information on this service please visit our Cross Cultural Assessment page.)


An Albanian website translation works along the same lines as any other translation by going through the following stages:


1. Assess the word count for your website
2. Provide a quote
3. Translate the text into Albanian
4. Return the translation in the format requested


If your website is brand new or under development, we are also able to handle the copywriting of your site along with the translation.