Tattoo Translation

tattoo translation onlineTattoos are a growing trend. It is estimated that one in four women between the ages of 18 and 50 have tattoos – and this figure is rising. In fact, 8 of the 10 voted ‘most beautiful women in the world’ have tattoos, which is further testament to this ever-growing appreciation of body art.


Key to the world of tattoos, and related body art, is the translation of names. Individuals typically chose the translation of their name into one of many beautiful written art forms, with Arabic and Hindi the most popular target languages of choice.


Name Translation for Tattoo


When considering a name translation tattoo, it is essential that you are 100% confident with the accuracy of the translation. Horror stories in respect to name translation tattoos are not new to us. Vince Mattingely paid a small fortune to have his name translated and tattooed on his arm in Chinese characters. Either an act of malice – or an unfortunate misunderstanding Vince later discovered that ‘Coca-Cola’ had actually been tattooed instead.


For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that you are happy that you are having your name tattooed onto your arm – and nothing else! Upsetting surprises are always difficult to manage but an upsetting surprise which has been permanently tattooed onto your arm is even worse.