Translation Services for Emerging Technologies

emerging technologies translation

Translation in tune with new Technology


Every year we witness breakthroughs within the field of emerging technologies. With each invention and success story comes development work to publicise and commercialise the end-product or service.


At the core of any internationalisation strategy sits translation and localization. This is where we fit in.


Emerging technology covers all fields of research that impact almost every cornerstone of our modern day lives. Whether its agriculture, biomedical, electronics, energy, IT and communications, manufacturing, materials science, military, neuroscience, robotics or transport, new technology is what drives innovation and the evolution of our markets.


The result of such innovation may be mobile devices, identity and trust systems, medicines, educational software, UIs or even new foods. We help businesses develop, promote, sell and service these products for the global marketplace through our translation and localization services.


Areas to which we bring our expertise include:


  • Terminology development and management
  • Packaging translation
  • Manual translation
  • Software localization
  • Interface localization
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization of marketing materials
  • Website translation
  • Legal translation


Through our experience of how important it is to manage the language elements of new products and services, we understand our role and what we need to do to support emerging technologies succeed commercially.


Working in tandem with stakeholders, we consult and develop solutions to meet the most exacting of needs.