Translation Services for e-Learning and Online Training

e learningE-learning is big business. Fully established as an industry, driven by innovation and fuelled by the increased need for education online, e-learning continues to grow internationally.


For those seeking to capitalise on the global online training space, an internationalisation strategy is key. User engagement, customer satisfaction and strong sales depend on a robust multilingual platform.


This is where we fit in.


We work with our clients in preparing their e-learning platforms, software or solutions for a specific country, region or internationally.


Success in developing and launching e-learning projects requires a localisation partner that understands language, culture, translation, technology and usability.


Kwintessential, a recognised leader in e-learning translation and localization services, is the partner you need. We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes across industries to deliver e-learning solutions across the globe.


We have translated a wide range of e-learning programs including:


  • Web-based training
  • Computer-based training
  • Classroom-based instructional materials
  • XML-based reusable learning objects
  • Certification and assessment programs
  • Multimedia applications
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)


We have dealt with a wide range of online training materials including text, graphics, user interfaces, online help files, audio/video simulations, video subtitles, foreign language voiceovers, software and web-based platforms, corresponding course documentation, testing and assessment modules and more. You name it, we can do it.


Our approach to e-Learning Solutions


Translation essentially deals with the conversion of words/text from one language into another. We adopt an approach of localisation when it comes to e-learning. We believe this is the only way we can ensure that content is modified in a way that really speaks and appeals to the target audience.


Getting your product right to sell abroad is not only about language but about culture, expectations, habits and desires. Our service encompasses all elements of  localisation including usability testing, auditing against religio-cultural sensitivities and local laws, adopting local learning methods and educational values as well as other factors such as online exposure.


We take a wholistic view of the localisation process rather than focusing specifically on language.


Localisation and Translation Specialists


For every e-learning translation or localisation project, we have a core team that manages the process from start to finish.


Your Relationship Manager will work with you to fully scope the out project and develop a plan according your specific needs. Once commissioned, the Project Management team assemble their specialists (translators, engineers, designers, usability testers, education consultants) according to project requirements. Milestones set out stages of completion and testing prior to final sign-off.


If you are looking for a partner to help get your e-learning solutions multilingual and ready for the world, speak to us. It could be as simple as translating manuals, handouts or content – a full localisation project involving cultural consulting – or anything inbetween.