Legal Document Translation

Court & Legal Document Translation

With an expanding world market and increasing business links from one country to another, it is essential to consider the part played by legal document translation. When in-house legal staff spend countless hours drawing up contracts and other important documents, all that hard work can be undermined if the right legal translator is not thoroughly checked out before embarking on the task in hand. For confidence when engaging a legal translator, the following issues should be sought and guaranteed – a) he/she should be able to demonstrate competence in legal translation b) he/she should have at least five years or more experience in their particular field c) he/she should be a native speaker of the target language and possess a linguistic understanding and have extensive training in the source language.


Legal Translation


When considering legal translation it is also paramount that the translator has expertise in the particular field required such as medical matters. It is not just enough to have legal knowledge, the translator should have a sound medical knowledge. What will be very clear will all companies whatever their particular field, that legal infrastructures vary from country to country as do medical matters and other fields of business transactions.


Legal Document Translators


Legal document translators should have a fundamental understanding, not only of the target language but of the cultural aspects of the target area also. A legal translation must also take into account the technical differences when sending electronic documents. There are huge differences between countries with different linguistic characteristics so that the legal translator must understand how to accommodate these issues and adapt them to fit into the source language. It is essential, therefore, that the final legal translation fully reflects exactly what is required and has to be understood accurately. Any misunderstanding can have expensive consequences if not undertaken by a competent legal translator.


Confidential Document Translation


One of the most fundamental requirements when engaging the services of a legal translator is that of absolute confidentiality. This is a matter which must be checked out before placing documents for legal translation, and it should be a prominent aspect of the translator’s credentials.