Legal Arabic Translation

arab legal translationsDo you need a legal Arabic translation? Kwintessential can see to all your Arabic translation needs including legal documents and texts.


We have been dealing with a range of clientele from solicitors to law firms to NGO’s to insurers for a number of years providing them with quality legal Arabic translations.


We work with a team of highly qualified and extremely specialised Arabic translators with years of experience in legal texts, ensuring your translation is of the finest quality in terms of legal vocabulary, lexis and terminology.


We guarantee nothing will get “lost in translation”.


Our team of legal translators deal with a range of document and text including:


o Business Forms
o Financial Documents
o Divorce and Marriage Forms
o Employment Forms
o Property Letting Forms
o Company Formation
o Partnership Agreement Forms
o Internet Law Forms
o Wills & Probate
o Power of Attorney


In addition they deal with all major legal areas such as:


o Advertising Law
o Banking Law
o Charity Law
o Consumer Law
o Conveyancing
o Data Protection
o Education Law
o Environmental Law
o Family Law
o Intellectual Property
o Medical Law
o Pension Law
o Property Law
o Public Law
o Tax Law
o Travel Law


What ever your requirement we assure a superb translation in the quickest possible time and at the most competitive cost.