Legal Translation Services

Kwintessential have been relied upon to provide legal translation services to law firms, in-house counsel, legal professionals and business owners for over 15 years now. We are extremely proud of the high retention rates we hold in the legal sector and the certified translations we produce in general.


We understand that legal translation is a specialised discipline, which requires only the most accurate translations. We act as a byword for quality, with both the ISO 9000:2015  and ISO 17100:2015 certificates, and we never rely on machine translation.


Whether you have a need for legal documental translation, foreign language transcription, interpreters for court hearings or other legal translation services, Kwintessential’s specialist legal translators have significant experience and understanding of the unique demands of legal translation and are well versed in legal terminology, ensuring legal translations are accurate and have no ambiguity.

Complete Legal Translation Service


Outlined below are some of the legal translation services in London and the UK that Kwintessential offer:


– Legal document translation


– Court document and evidence translation


– Court interpreting


– Audio translation


– Back-translation



Secure & Confidential Legal Translation Service


We fully understand the confidential nature of the legal industry and we often need to sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements. We take the utmost care in ensuring all data, information, ideas and sources of written and oral information remain protected through our secure premises, networks and servers.



The Specific Needs of Legal Translation


Translators with legal translation expertise – To be a legal translator you need to understand the legal language you’re translating – if you don’t understand what frivolous litigation is in English, how will you fare translating it into another language? With over 15 years in the industry, our dedicated legal translators have an excellent insight into the context of legal work.


Accurate translations – We know that the smallest amount of ambiguity can have very serious consequences, therefore, we never rely on machine translation and uphold to the highest translation standards.


Fast turnaround times – Whether you have an upcoming court date or contract deadline, we ensure that certified translations are delivered on time, every time.


Native speakers ensuring translations are localised – A translation can be accurate, but still ambiguous, which can be as serious as a wrong translation when it comes to legally binding documents. Our native speakers are able to translate a document not only accurately, but in a localised manner, removing any ambiguity.


Contact Kwintessential About Your Legal Translation Needs


Get in touch with our specialised team and we’ll get back to you within the hour. Kwintessential are a translation agency in London, able to assist you with all translation needs, legal or otherwise, in over 200 languages. More about Kwintessential here.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is legal translation?


In its most basic form, legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. The practice of law is a culture-dependent subject field, so legal translations may not be linguistically transparent as it needs to make sense. This can however be avoided by the use of latin terminology where possible.


Legal translation services include certified translations and at times interpretation services depending on the clients needs. There are many different areas of speciality in law, and each one requires specific knowledge of the subject matter as well as the translation skills to complete the job.


What documents do I need legally translated?


Read our blog “When To Use Legal Translation”, this will give you an overview of the type of documents that may need translating and insight into the complexities and importance of legal translation.