Certified Translation Services

What is Certified Translation?


Certified translation (sometimes known as official translation) is a term used for any translation that requires authenticity in a legal manner, such as birth certificates, business papers and legal paperwork.

There are a few different ways you can “certify” a translation, and generally, these vary from country to country. It’s always best to verify the type of legalisation required and then call us and we can talk you through your specific needs. More on what certified translation means here.

UK Legislation for Certified Translations


Unlike the rest of the world, the UK doesn’t have a strict body who regulates translators, so technically anybody could claim to be “official” or “certified”.

Here at Kwintessential, we ensure all of our translators are part of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI) or the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL). They have to adhere to a strict set of rules and regulations to be members, which we view as guidelines to being a certified translator and are the most profound translation memberships available in the UK. You can see their guidelines here and here.

Our translators based outside the UK all have the relevant memberships and qualifications their country needs for them to be certified.

Types of Certified Translations

Certified by Translator or Agency (Certificate of Authenticity)


A certificate of authenticity is the most basic form of certified translation, typically required by a non-Governmental organisation. Translations are usually required to be certified by institutions such as universities, schools, insurance provider or potential future employees.

Our certified translators will translate the documents, mark them with our official company stamp and appropriate reference number and return them with a certificate which confirms that they have been translated by a qualified certified translator. We finally attest to our membership with a professional translation body and state that we believe them to be accurate and true translations.

Certified Translations

Notarised Translations


Notarised translation is more likely to be requested by Government agencies and legal bodies. The process involves a Kwintessential representative attending an office of a notary (qualified lawyer) to declare both on oath and in writing that the translation is true and honest. The Notary will then sign and mark the translation with a certified stamp. The original document is required for this type of certification.

Notarised Certification Translations

Apostille (Legalisation)


Apostille (Legalisation) certified translations are generally only needed if the documents are presented overseas. The process is generally the same as a Notarised Translation with an additional step of sending the document to the Foreign and Commonwealth office for authentication. This is suitable for all countries abiding to the Hague Convention.

Examples of documents falling into this category include those supporting an overseas marriage, adoption, vida or job application.

Apostille Legalisation Certified Translation

Sworn Translation


In the UK there is no such thing as a sworn translator. It is however used in many other countries, so we can offer it to our clients. Sworn translations are where a translator has to testify in front of a public Notary or Solicitor that they have carried out the translation.

Sworn Certified Translation

What Types of Documents Need Certified Translation?


Why Choose Kwintessential as Your Certified Translation Agency?


Here at Kwintessential, we have a large number of professional and experienced translators for every language. We are able to assist you with standard translation, through business translation right down to certified translation which requires additional layers of expertise. We take quality assurance seriously, and all of our certified translation experts must adhere to our values and passion for continuous development and excellence.

We hold ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Accreditation, one of the rare few translation agencies in the UK to hold this accreditation. We adhere to rigorous quality management procedures across the entire business to ensure we are 100% customer focused. We are also proud to hold ISO 17100:2015 Standard for Translation, a prestigious accreditation which is specific to translation services. This puts Kwintessential in the vanguard of agencies pushing for translation best practice to become standard.

We are also corporate members of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and Institute of Translation & Interpreting (ITI), ensuring we are delivering quality and excellence in the field of Translation services.

Certified Translation Turnaround Times


With our large network of experiences and professional certified translation specialists, turnaround times can be around 24 hours for standard translations. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent and accurate translation services in timings to suit our clients’ needs.

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