Transcription Services for Audio and Video

Take your media to an international audience.


Transcription is used in everything from subtitles in video, to documenting court hearings.


Our expert transcription service makes turning speech into text simple. Transcription is more important than ever, as online video becomes the most consumed media in the world. We create English speech to text transcriptions for all applications – and can work with all major world languages.


With Kwintessential, you’ll get professional quality, accurate transcriptions. We can work from video files, audio files or even physical media. You’ll get reliable transcriptions every time – and with our expert translators and transcreators, we can deliver the text to you in any language, ready for a new audience.

Video Transcription Services

Even with our simplest transcription service, you’ll get a native speaker doing the work; someone who knows the idioms, phrases and regional variations of your source language. A true expert in their language.


We take the audio or video supplied to us, and accurately write down what is being spoken in the same language. So, if the spoken language is English, our linguists write down word for word what’s being said in English text.


After the transcription is complete, we can then translate the text – matching it against the original text and timecodes – into any other language you need it in.


Whether you need to transcribe a whole movie, a short YouTube video or even court hearings, accurate transcription of audio and video is the first step to accessibility and accountability.


As with our legal translation services, all of our transcription work is carried out confidentially and securely, by accredited professionals.

Translating Audio to Text – Formats We Work With


We can work with any standard audio or video file type – and even with legacy recordings captured on older systems. Typically, we work with high quality .wav or .mp3 recordings, but we can also work with modern file formats found on smartphones. We can work with physical media, too – like audio CDs and video on DVD.


How do Transcription Services Work?


All we need to get started with your transcription is the actual source material itself.


Our transcription service is charged on an hourly basis, and the amount of time a transcription will take depends on a few factors.


  • The length of the audio/video to be transcribed
  • The quality of sound
  • The speed of speech
  • The complexity of the subject matter
  • The format for delivery of transcription
  • Additional translations, if required


As a rough guide, transcription work can take anywhere from eight to 12 times as long to complete as the runtime of the source material.


For example, an hour of audio or video can take up to 12 hours (or more) to complete.

Translation and Transcription Services


To maintain our high standards of accuracy in audio and video transcriptions, we ensure that the original work is transcribed by a native speaker. This completed transcription is then handed over to one of our expert translators.


We’re able to translate your transcribed audio and video into over 200 languages – preparing your media for a multilingual audience. Using this two-stage process means that the content we deliver is much more accurate than translating directly from an audio or video source.