Multilingual SEO and SEM

International SEOFor a website that needs to reach a global audience it must be readable other languages and be found in foreign search engines.


We help you do both…

International Search Engine Marketing

Our multilingual Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEMO) service helps websites become successful on international search engines through a number of ‘organic’ techniques.


‘Organic’ refers to natural methods used to make a site popular in a search engine rather than paying for the privilege, such as in paid advertising.


Although no company can ever give a 100% guarantee that a website will be successful on search engines, we assure you that your site will be optimal for good search engine ranking.


Through this service, we ensure your site is structured in such a way that it maximises its potential on a search engine by appearing readable and easy to access. We then proceed with a number of additional services such as consultation on keywords, submission to search engines, link building, e-based press releases, regular content additions and the designing of online tools to attract users.

Foreign Search Engines


In addition, we are the pioneers of marketing a website in foreign search engines and directories, helping your site get noticed by the right people in the right countries. Through scrupulous research, we have identified the key search engines and directories in countries such as China, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Italy and many more. We enter your details, using keywords and phrases in the target languages, to help achieve maximum exposure.


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Website Translation

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When translating the content of a website into any language, SEO needs to be at the heart of those translations. Using the right local search terms and language ensures that your website will be found as well as speak to the visitor in the way they expect. With years of experience in website translation, we bring ideas and know-how to the table ensuring your website performs in foreign search engines and delivers the traffic you want.


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International Social Media

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Social media is tied to many websites’ performances today and integral to search engine success. We specialise in the internationalisation of social media campaigns and platforms to maximise their potential on the global stage. Whether you simply need your Twitter feeds translated, a Facebook page in Arabic or some link-bait written in Russian, we can do the lot. Managing your social media campaigns abroad is a challenge. Let us help you.


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Website Localisation

Website Localization Company

Website localization goes beyond the translation of words to ensure that a website performs in the manner local expect, no matter what country they are in. Factors localization looks at include language, usability, icons, photos, navigation, times, units of measurement, payment methods and much more. Localization is key to good SEO and SEM as it improves usability which search engines read as meaning your site is worth promoting.


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International PPC Campaigns

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Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is now an extremely popular form of marketing and advertising as it is direct, fast and effective. With more and more companies looking to sell their products or services abroad, an online PPC campaign is certainly a way to go. The success of PPC is essentially down to using the correct keywords within your advertisement. We ensure we research and localize keywords for your adverts, improving CTR’s and conversions.


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