Online Retail – E-Commerce Localization and Translation

Ecommerce Localisation and TranslationDo you own an ecommerce website? Looking to expand sales internationally? Then you need to start speaking the customers’ language and that’s where we come in.


We love the online space; e-commerce and retail are exciting growth areas at the moment. Overseas markets are a low-hanging fruit; more easily accessible than ever before through translation, localization and logistical planning of your e-commerce website.


We apply our translation, localization and cultural know-how to overseas expansion projects that target web interface, cross-channel experience, logistics and customer engagement.


Our expertise is in language and culture

We use this knowledge to optimise your e-commerce platform or online shop, helping ensure its fully translated and performs well in a target country or region.


Solutions include translation, localisation, terminology management, copywriting, SEO, research, and training.


So if you have an online clothes store to be rolled out to France, a landing page for the Chinese market or an e-commerce website that needs translating or localising to the German consumer, you need to speak to us.


Now more than ever we need to think, speak and do global! Give us a call to discuss your project and say “yes” to online retail success! Just remember that it doesn’t stop once the e-commerce translation of content has completed, we look at the website design, terminologies used, copywriting and much more.


Our key e-commerce localisation services include:



Website Design

Website designer writing www


Our website design service offers the opportunities to build an online shop from scratch or to re-vamp an existing website. Understanding your aims and needs, we advise on all aspects of a design from the use of a translation-friendly CMS to the front-end look and feel. We cover all the angles to get you localized and online, ready to sell in a new country or region.


Learn more by giving us a call!


Website Localisation

Website Localization Company


Designing and translating your online store when you go global is one thing; localization takes it that step further in making sure every aspect is finely tuned to the local user. Navigation, layout, language, currencies, dates, numbers, delivery options, payment methods and a whole host of other factors need to be taken into consideration for international e-commerce.


Read more about the localization process or cut to the chase and give us a ring.



International SEO Company


Once your online shop is ready to sell internationally, you need to be found in search engines and online. Onsite and offsite SEO are key to getting you up the rankings in local search engines. International SEO combined with multilingual know-how ensures you get exposure online and drive traffic to your website. We can help with all aspects of SEO from localizing PPC campaigns to polishing your website’s coding.


Mobile E-Commerce

Arab man e-commerce mobile phone


Ignoring a mobile-friendly version of your e-commerce or online shop is dangerous. With end users more and more connecting online via mobile, retailers need to ensure they are using the right ecommerce channels to bring in business. As well as other aspects of online retail, we can also help in building mobile-friendly versions of your website or design a bespoke App.


Say “yes” to mobile success and give us a call.