Brand and Product Name Translations

Translate & Localise Your Brand

brand name localisationIn order to target customers from abroad, one has to be attractive to the new target culture. Launching a desk called “Fartfull” in the UK as IKEA once did is not the way to go.

Companies now need to localize and translate their brand, product names or slogans in order to say the right thing or look the part.

What do we do? We essentially can do any of the following:


  • Checking: If a client wants to keep the same product/brand name in a new country can check whether it may have negative consequences. Does the word mean something else in the local language? Does the way it’s written resemble anything in the local culture visually? Basically will the word or name work in the new country.


  • Translation: For simple product names we can provide straightforward translations or a number of options that would best suit the new marketplace. These would be carried out with careful consideration by local in-country experts.


  • Localisation: Sometimes a translation is just not right. To be able to express an idea, concept or feeling in another culture it may be necessary to stray from the original English word(s). In such cases, we use accomplished business linguists who are able to carve out a new product or brand name that hits the spot.


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