User Experience Testing

Testing the Cross-Cultural User Experience

What is Usability Testing?

User Experience is all about “usability testing”. Such testing is meant to reveal any problems, challenges or issues real users experience when interacting with a product, website, software package and the like. Essentially, usability testing shows if a product works in the real world.

Our User Experience consultancy is all centred around the theme of the cross-cultural experience, i.e. how your product ‘translates’ when used in a foreign culture. We do not cover areas such as eye tracking, accessibility audits and design. We only concentrate on the international aspects of user experience.

What can we run User Experience tests on?

Essentially we can help analyse anything that will be used in a new country or culture as long as it is going to be used by an end-user. So this can range from anything such as a new toothpaste tube to a new style cash machine. The most common products and related questions requested for such testing include:

  • Games > Can people navigate around the game? Are the translations correct? Do they like the aesthetics? Does the manual make sense?
  • Practical products > Does a dashboard work well? Do symbols used mean the same thing in the new country? Does the proposed layout of a store work well?
  • Websites > Is the navigation clear? Do the images, logos and buttons all make sense? Can people use the online shopping system?

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