Multilingual M-Commerce and Marketing

international m-commerce servicesMobile commerce (also known as ‘m-commerce’) is similar to online or e-commerce but carried out through mobile devices such as smart phones, PDAs and other mobile devices. Research suggests that soon the majority of online interaction will take place on mobile rather than through laptops and PCs. In order to stay ahead, it is crucial that businesses take m-commerce seriously both for sales and marketing.

Our expertise lies in helping clients taking commercial and/or marketing activities to mobile devices but in different languages and for different countries. So whether it’s converting your current website translation into a mobile-friendly version, localization of an app or translating SMS messages, we cover the lot. We essentially help you connect to a foreign audience at both the technical and creative level.

The four main mobile areas we work in are:

  • mobile web
  • mobile applications or ‘apps’
  • mobile advertising
  • SMS or MMS messages

Rather than being a conventional digital agency, we look at both the international picture and consult on how to make your apps, widgets,  rich media, advertisements or interactive content speak the local lingo.

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Website Design

Our website design services cover traditional website development as well as conversion to mobile-friendly versions. We can work with both CMS and/or create mobile versions of bespoke websites ensuring no matter what your needs, we have the know-how to make it happen for you. Our team can localize and ‘mobile-ize’ to get you into the m-commerce world as well as start marketing to new global audiences.

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Apps are an easy way of connecting with people on their mobiles. Rather than having to go through a browser, an app allows an instant connection. We translate, localize and prepare apps for all platforms from iPhones to Android smart phones, offering you a simple process to get an app ready for a new international audience. Simply pick your languages, get us your strings and we will take care of the rest.

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Digital Media

M-commerce falls well into the digital media space and we just so happen to have a number of services in this area. Areas we look at include SEO/SEM, web localization, PPC, user experience testing (UXT), landing page design and video. Visit the page for more information on how we can tie your mobile marketing and commerce to other key areas of your business in the digital media world.

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