Internationalization and Localization

Taking your product international?

Localization & Internationalization

Localization and/or Internationalization is all about taking your product, service or anything else and preparing it for use in another country. It’s not about translation but about how to adapt something so that it makes sense and works in a new culture. The process involves assessing the practical, linguistic and cultural nuances of any entity within a country and making necessary amendments.

For simplicity’s sake we refer to localization and internationalization as localization only.

What do we Localize?

  • Websites > if you are having a website translated then it’s not only about the words. Localization will involve assessing the format, user experience, colour scheme, photos, icons, fonts and much more. The website needs to fit to local user tastes and expectations. If it doesn’t, the website can flop.
  • Software > software localization allows you to sell your product globally and your international customers to interact with it in their own language. We take care of the whole process from translation of files, guides, resources, legal disclaimers, etc right down to the testing and user experience of beta stage products.
  • Games > localizing games involves all aspects of change right down from translations for packaging to voices used within the games themselves. We can handle all aspects of the process to ensure the game looks, sounds and works as it should in the new country.
  • Multimedia > whether it’s Scripting, Voiceovers, Translations, Subtitling, Dubbing, Graphics localization, Editing, Reviewing or Post Production we can assist in taking your product global or target specific countries.
  • Graphic Design > our team of in-house multilingual designers work with Quark, Indesign, FrameMaker and Illustrator. We cover all world languages, all scripts and all requests from simple adverts to complex Annual Reports to high-level advertising campaigns.
  • Advertisements > got an ad you are planning to use in a new territory? Different cultures are sold to in different ways. We help you get the message across in the most culturally effective way and work in tandem with agencies to consult on ideas from inception to creation.
  • PR > when you are selling a story in a foreign country you need to pitch it right otherwise the intended audience will show no interest. As well as having country-specific PR specialists we also assist in researching local media contacts, relevant publications, translation of press releases and news monitoring.
  • Labelling & Packaging > even the simple things such as labels need localization. If you plan to sell a product abroad the labels and packaging all need modifying. We can take care of all local conventions, text, ingredients, instruction guides, manuals, time/date, fonts, etc.

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