Telephone Interpreting Service

For an easy and effective telephone interpreting service look no further


Our professional telephone interpreting service is quick, simple and hassle-free. Best of all it costs just £1 per minute*.


Why use our Telephone Interpreters?


Kwintessential is one of the UK industry leaders and as such we only provide the best. Our telephone interpreters are accomplished, professional and well qualified. As such, you can rely on us for more than just the calibre of our interpreters and our seamless processes.

Telephone Intepreting

What are the Benefits of a Telephone Interpreting Service?


Telephone Interpreting is cheaper!


Telephone interpreting cuts out the interpreter travel time and expenses, hence making the overall cost far lower. We charge just £1 a minute*.


Telephone Interpreting is quicker!


A session with a telephone interpreter can take place far more quickly than a face to face interpreting service. As such, telephone interpreters are great for emergency situations.


Telephone Interpreting is less personal!


If you are undergoing a situation in which you do not want a third party present, then telephone interpreters are the best choice. Since they are not physically present in the room, then many clients feel less exposed (this is particularly pertinent for sensitive situations or for individuals with certain cultural practices) than when using a face to face interpreting service.


Useful information on telephone interpreting


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*We charge £60 for an hour with a minimum one hour charge for all telephone interpretation.
Our charges are based on per quarter hour of telephone interpreting used after the first hour.