Albanian Interpreter

At last! An interpreting agency you can count on.

We are a leading provider of Albanian interpreters throughout London, the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves on a quality personalised service that guarantees satisfaction.

All our Albanian interpreters are qualified and experienced professionals offering a service to exceed anything else on the market. We handpick each Albanian interpreter according to your needs and wishes, ensuring that the interpreter we send has the right expertise.

An Albanian interpreter is available for all interpreting assignments including:

o Health Service
o Court Cases
o Solicitors Meetings
o Business Meetings
o Conferences and Exhibitions
o Tele Interpreting
o Corporate Entertainment

and much more.

Albanian interpreters work in two distinct ways – consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting simply refers to face-to-face situations. If you need an Albanian interpreter for a business meeting, court hearing or interview you need a consecutive interpreter.

Simultaneous interpreting is where the interpreter translates using interpreting equipment and will sit in a soundproof booth to relay the translation through a microphone to listeners using headphones. This interpreting is very high level and requires interpreters to work in pairs.

If you interested in booking one of our Albanian interpreters, please contact us to discuss you needs further.