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An interpreter services agency with a focus on the legal industry, including legal hearings, arbitrations, prison visits, mediations, internal communications, contract translations, phone calls, video conferencing, client meetings and international conferences.


Interpreters that stand up to scrutiny


The legal industry often requires the service of interpreters for meetings and international conferences, but also in criminal investigations and proceedings for deaf and hearing-impaired litigants.


Our interpreters have experience with the criminal legal system and can provide interpreting for witnesses or for lawyers working on international cases – in any situation where a language barrier needs to be overcome.


If you would like more information on how we can help with legal interpreters, please get in touch for a breakdown of our services.


Interpreters for the legal industry

Why choose our legal interpreter service? Firstly, quality interpreters – our team contains only the best linguists who understand specialist legal terminology and client confidentiality.


We also provide great customer service to our legal clients and finally, we provide transparent costs – easy to understand, honest pricing that won’t break the bank. To book we need to know when you need the interpreter, the language(s), the context they will be working in and of course where the assignment will take place.