Non Profit and Charity

Worldwide Charity InterpretersAs an interpreter agency, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services for the non profit and charity sector. Our interpreters can help in department meetings, international conferences and phone calls – including simultaneous, consecutive and public service (liaison) interpreting.


Our interpreters cover all world languages in all international locations.


Interpreters to help create a strong foundation


International non profit and charitable organisations, NGO’s and advocacy groups all need to work globally and ensure their multilingual communication needs are met. We understand that there may be many complexities to this type of work – and so our professional interpreters have absolute attention to detail.


Interpreter services from Kwintessential allow local and national charitable bodies a trusted translator for national and international conferences, lectures and meetings or for translating speeches.


Interpreters for the non profit and charity industry


As an interpreter agency, we pride ourselves on our robust understanding of the charity and non profit sector. Our linguists are all qualified professionals and appreciate that no two organisations are alike.
We have a strong network of interpreters, as well as a long established reputation in translation and interpreting. This allows us to source highly skilled interpreters with accurate and precise interpreting and a solid understanding of industry-specific terminology.