Mandarin Chinese Conference Interpreter

Are you looking for Mandarin Chinese conference interpreters? Look no further.

Mandarin InterpretersWe provide top quality Chinese Mandarin conference interpreters at competitive prices. All our conference interpreters are qualified and experienced professionals that guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We have a number of highly skilled conference interpreters offering quality interpreting between English >< Mandarin. Each brings with them specialisations in a number of fields from pharmaceuticals to engineering to finance to politics. No matter what your need we have the personnel to make your conference or business meeting a success.

Is Mandarin different to Chinese?

Mandarin is Chinese but is a dialect. It is the official spoken language for the Republic of China and also Taiwan. The other variant of Chinese is known as Cantonese which is a dialect spoken in the Canton (or Guangdong) Province of mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Is a Conference Interpreter a Simultaneous interpreter?

In short, yes. Conference Interpreters work in real time or “simultaneously”. This is done by receiving English/Mandarin speech through headphones and instantly translating it into Mandarin/English to a waiting audience through a microphone.

Why do Conference interpreters work in pairs?

Conference interpreting is difficult and exhausting work. This means they work in pairs taking twenty minute turns in the interpreting booth. This ensures conference interpreters stay alert and capable of delivering high quality work.

Where are Kwintessential’s Mandarin Conference Interpreters based?

Our Mandarin conference interpreters are available for work throughout the UK and Europe. We have vast experience of Mandarin conference interpreting for many business and diplomatic conferences in the region providing both interpreters and conference interpreting equipment.

How much do you charge for a Mandarin Conference Interpreter?

Our costs for Mandarin conference interpreters are based on the following:

  • Nature of conference
  • Subject matter
  • Number of hours required
  • Location
  • Language combination

We can give you a better idea of costs once we have all the above information.