French Conference Interpreter

French InterpretersKwintessential – providers of first class French conference interpreters.


If you are in need of French conference interpreters for your conference or meeting, then you are in the right place. Our team of experienced pros will be able to bring a touch of excellence to the proceedings.


All our conference interpreters are qualified veterans adept at simultaneous interpreting and working at large multilingual conferences.


We have been working with our conference interpreters for years and guarantee satisfaction with their services. We only work with the best.


Our team are available for interpreting assignments in London, the UK and Europe.


What experience do your French conference interpreters have?


All our French interpreters are professionals that frequently work in multilingual conferences. We have provided interpreters for conferences on banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, law, policing, medicine, tourism and fashion. All our team bring with them specific experience and knowledge of certain fields and we always ensure we match the right interpreter to each job.


Is it correct that conference interpreters work in pairs?


Yes. Due to the high levels of concentration and mental fatigue that this kind of interpreting causes, conference interpreters will work in pairs each taking 20 minute turns. This always allows one to have a break, relax, take refreshments and prepare for their next session.


If a company says it will only send you one conference interpreter, you may save money but you will get a substandard service as no single individual can physically or mentally cope with this sort of work alone.


Do I need to brief interpreters?


No interpreter likes to go into any conference, meeting, court room or office blind. This is especially true of conference interpreters. It is critical that as much information about the day’s proceedings is given, that all presentations are sent to them before hand and a list of any specific terminology is also provided. This will guarantee a smooth and successful conference.


How much do conference interpreters cost?


We charge daily rates for interpreters.