Arabic Conference Interpreter

Arabic InterpretersThe recipe for a successful multilingual conference is simple – quality interpreting equipment, excellent conference interpreters and an agency that is experienced in conference management.


We provide clients with conference interpreters in all languages including Arabic. All our Arabic conference interpreters are talented, qualified and experienced professionals at the apex of their field.



What does a Conference Interpreter do?


Conference interpreters differ from ordinary interpreters in that they translate from one language into another simultaneously, i.e. in real time. This is done by receiving speech through headphones and instantly translating it to a waiting audience through a microphone. The work requires extreme mental strength, concentration and ability and as such professional conference interpreters come at a premium.


In addition, the difficult and exhausting nature of the work also means that conference interpreters (Arabic or any other language) work in pairs. Twenty minute turns are taken in the interpreting booth. This ensures conference interpreters stay alert and capable of delivering high quality work.


Where are our Arabic Conference Interpreters based?


Our Arabic conference interpreters are available for work throughout the UK and Europe. We have vast experience of Arabic conference interpreting for many business and diplomatic conferences in the region providing both interpreters and conference interpreting equipment.


How much does an Arabic Conference Interpreter cost?


Costs for conference interpreters depend on the following:


  • Nature of conference
  • Subject matter
  • Number of hours required
  • Location
  • Language combination


We can give you a better idea of costs once we have the above information.