Translation Services for the Life Sciences Sector

Health and life sciences translation services, including codes of conduct, clinical trial documentation, patient consent forms, medical journal articles, discharge summaries and other life sciences document translation.

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Ensuring your translations are in peak condition

The life sciences industry requires great accuracy and nowhere is this more important than written records. Our medical translations are expertly crafted to ensure every detail is retained and the integrity of the document preserved.

At Kwintessential, we choose the best life sciences translators for each role to make sure our services can always be relied upon.

Whether it’s the translation of health awareness brochures, product characteristics, marketing material, promotional literature, website copy or articles we have the right translator for the job.

Certified translators for the life sciences industry

As a translation agency, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the life sciences sector. Our translators are all qualified professionals with experience translating specific sector terminology and can hit the ground running when it comes to highly technical content.

As well as appreciating the nuances of the health and life sciences sector, our linguists are trained in working with organisations to help meet objectives and are experienced in interpreting different forms to make sure you get the maximum results for your translation.

Life sciences translation clients

We deal with a real range of clients from within the whole supply chain of the life sciences sector.

Examples of clients include:

  • Shaklee International
  • HBS Consulting
  • Lifeplus Europe
  • On-Line Medical Reports
  • Sign Health
  • The GADA Group
  • The Online Clinic
  • London Eye Hospital
  • Cygnet Healthcare

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