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Join Harper Collins, The Financial Times and numerous others in using our publishing translation services for book translations, magazines, manuscripts, website copy, emails, and publicity materials.

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Reach out to the widest possible audience with publishing translation services designed for London, UK and international publishers of all sizes and scales.

Like you, we know that book translations need to uphold the integrity of the original manuscript while connecting with your new target audience. That’s why all of our translators are specialists in the field, with extensive experience in the publishing industry.

You’ll be using the same publishing translation service as major household names like Harper Collins and the Telegraph Media Group. Yet you’ll still receive the same helpful, attentive support we give to even our smallest publishing sector client.

Rely on translation quality that meets key standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 and that’s delivered by experts in all fields, including literature, academia, news and journalism, print and online sectors. Just what you need no matter what your project entails.

The translation agency for publishers of every size

Let us help you make sure your latest publishing translation is carefully adapted to your target market. We only ever use translators with relevant sector experience and local cultural knowledge to create fluent, accurate, and compelling translations of any written work.

Working with publishers of all sizes and scopes, we regularly translate all kinds of copy related to the work of the publishing industry as well as manuscripts, journals, and reports themselves:

  • Manuscripts
  • Magazines
  • Book translation
  • Journals
  • Internal communications and emails
  • Advertising materials
  • Website and online content

The translation you need for a good read

The kind of translation you need for a work of fiction is very different from that needed for technical content. Translating for the publishing sector can be a highly creative endeavour that includes a great deal of interpretation in order to capture the essence of the original content.

It also requires in-depth cultural knowledge of both your source and target regions. Otherwise, translations can fail to convey the true meaning of the piece in question.

This means finding the right translator for your project is vital and often challenging. That’s why we have a global talent pool of linguists that we can search to find the ideal combination of linguistic skill, cultural knowledge, and relevant publishing sector experience for your specific project.

Our publishing translation clients

Our clients come from all walks of life within the publishing sector, covering everything from traditional books, magazines and newspapers to digital media and online information services.

Publishing companies that have put their trust in us include:

  • Daily Mail
  • Reed
  • Conde Nast
  • Berlitz Publishing
  • Harper Collins
  • International Press Production
  • Telegraph Media Group
  • The Financial Times
  • Thomson Reuters

Plan your next publishing translation service

Discuss your next publishing translation project intended for markets in London, across the UK, and worldwide and start reaching speakers of over 200 different languages. We’re always happy to talk through how we’ll find you the ideal translator for your project or provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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