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Count on sector expertise with education and training translation services for academic papers, journals, articles, learning documentation, proofreading, coursework and publicity materials.

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Extend the reach of your course, academic audience, or institution marketing globally, with education and training translation services designed for London, UK, and worldwide audiences.

Students come in all shapes and sizes. Ensuring your training and education programmes suit the widest audience possible is paramount. Publishing your paper or other work in more than one language is an easy way to extend its reach – often to audiences who are chronically underserved.

Join institutions such as the London School of Economics and Cambridge ESOL who have used us to translate everything from course content to academic work to school and university prospectuses.

Our highly skilled translators appreciate the complexities of the education and training sector and work to the critical ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 international quality standards.

Get translations from education and training experts

Your course materials will have been carefully designed to achieve specific educational outcomes. Your academic paper will be carefully written to convey precise points. The marketing for your institution will have been finely balanced to appeal to a specific audience.

Make sure the expertise and precision with which you crafted your original education and training materials come with you through your translations services.

We only ever use linguists with prior experience in or qualifications designed for the training or education sector who are also native speakers of your target language. This means they can ensure the translated version of your communications is just as authoritative and persuasive as your originals.

Translate all education-related materials

Get the expertise you need to translate a huge variety of materials and documents intended for audiences within and adjacent to the education and training sector:

  • Academic translation of manuscripts and papers
  • Emails and internal communications
  • Your website and online content
  • Magazines and journals
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Course content
  • E-learning translation

Translate the spoken word too

Like our written academic and education translation services, our spoken interpreting services are delivered by linguists with deep experience and familiarity with the sector. Use us to source specialist interpreters for:

  • Parent-teacher meetings for international students
  • Academic conferences, symposia, and seminars
  • Promotional events
  • Business meetings
  • Voice talent for e-learning materials and other educational content

Our education and training translation clients

We work with a wide range of clients from across the education and training sector, including:

  • University of Westminster
  • APMG-International
  • Newcastle University
  • Gabbitas Educational Consultants
  • Kumon Educational
  • Cambridge ESOL
  • Kaplan International Colleges
  • Trinity College London
  • University of Wales
  • Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • London School of Economics and Political Science

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Start with a cost and commitment-free quote on your project and get any recommendations you might want for how to best achieve your goals for your education and training translation services in London, the UK, or globally.

Languages we translate

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