Why have a Website Language Translation?

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There are a number of important grounds for using website language translation services to translate your website to other languages as a marketing method. It has been indicated from research that web users are more likely to undertake business and stay much longer on a web site if it is in their native language so that website translation is key to success.


It is known that the percentage of multilingual users varies from country to country and that, in the main, the majority of web users across the globe speak a language other than English making website language translation essential to your business.


a) More than 900 million people, about 67% of online population, speak their own native language and, in excess of 200 million surf the web in their own language so that website language translation is a valuable tool to these users.

b) Research has shown that eight years ago, the web content was predominantly in English, at least 68%, and that figure has now reduced dramatically to about 30%, meaning that website language translation becomes increasingly competitive.

c) It has been estimated that, since 2005, 50% of all online trading takes place in languages other than English, so that website translation become an essential facility to business efficiency.

d) With the global rise of multilingual web users growing significantly, the competition this poses in the market place means that language translation is crucial.

e) The rapid rise of web users who do not understand English or any language other than their own poses problems that can be resolved for them by the use of web translations.


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