Guide to Globalization, Localization and Translation

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To tap into the international marketplace it’s crucial to understand local laws, customs, language and culture. This is where the field of localization comes into play – by helping businesses adapt to local needs.

Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation are means and ways of helping businesses and organisations take their messages, products or services global.

This guide is a perfect introduction to the field.

Authored by Mizar Becerril, a Spanish translator specialised in localisation services, this document offers people a simple, straightforward understanding of terminology, processes and software involved in globalization, localization and translation.

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What’s Inside?

Here’s a brief overview of what the guide to G.I.L.T covers.

The definitions of:

  • translation (t9n)
  • localisation (l10n)
  • internationalisation (i18n)
  • globalisation (g11n)

The process 6 and types of localisation:

  • software
  • websites
  • multimedia
  • marketing

Market research:

  • how big is the gilt industry ?
  • which markets are growing the most quickly?
  • which localisation services are growing the most quickly?

Localization tools:

  • alchemy catalyst
  • sdl passolo 2011
  • other tools

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