Multilingual DTP – FAQs

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Below are some answers to the more frequent questions about multilingual DTP – if there is anything you are unsure of please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. What software do you use?

We use all the latest software available for Windows and Macintosh. These include AutoCAD, Framemaker, Interleaf 6, PageMaker, QuarkXPress Passport, Ventura, Hangul, CorelDraw, Illustrator and Photoshop.

For foreign language fonts we use software such as Hebrew Illustrator, Middle Eastern Photoshop and Kalimat.

2. If I give you an English document will the foreign language version be an exact mirror?

Usually, this is the case. However, it depends on the language and corresponding scripts used. This may expand or contract which will mean the line spacing or type size may be altered.

Sometimes in order to accommodate more text, the original layout will be sacrificed.

3. I don’t have any source files?

If you do not have any existing source files we are more than happy to produce them for you according to your needs.

4. I have a source document. What do you need?

If you already have a document (i.e. brochure or business card) saved we will need the original bits and pieces that made it up, i.e. logos, etc. Only then can we accurately match the original.

5. Do I have to provide the translated document?


You can either provide us with the translation or we can do it for you. For more information visit the translation service page.

6. Can you handle non-traditional fonts like Arabic or Chinese?

Most languages are supported by modern day computers. For those languages that require special fonts such Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Korean, Thai or Urdu we have the software available to deal with them.

7. Are there any tips to consider before designing a layout?

a) Text: English text usually expands when it is translated into foreign languages. The amount will vary according to the language but is usually at least 25%. It is best to leave as much white space as possible on the page to accommodate for this expansion. b) Hyphenation: Try to avoid hyphenated text. Foreign languages have different hyphenation rules and most page design software is not equipped to handle these differences.

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