Translation Checklist

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Prior to approaching any translation agency or translator to undertake translation work, go through the following ‘translation checklist’ to ensure all parties are fully aware of what the translation will entail. We especially like to have the full context of any document to help us make sure we give you a spot-on translation.


What languages will be used in the translation?

What are the source and target languages? Source means the language the document is in; target the language(s) to be translated into.


Are there any variants in the target language?

If so, specify which one is required. e.g. Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese, or Spanish for Spain or for Argentina.


What is the purpose of the translation?

e.g. is it simple for information only, for publication, use in court case or online?


What is the target readership of the translation?

e.g. literacy, specialist, client, public?


What is the intended quality level for the translation?

e.g. final product, draft, revision, rough gist?


Do the style and/or terminology in the translation have to conform to any requirements?

e.g. in-house style, youth,  pharmacopoeia?


Is there any reference material that can be provided to support the translation piece?

e.g. prior correspondence, reports, specifications, previous translations?


Are there any requirements for the layout of the translation?

e.g. page for page likeness, columns, images, colours, fonts?


In what format will the souce material be provided?

e.g. Word, PDF, disk, CD, email attachment?


Prior to delivery of the source material has it been proof-read and checked for mistakes?

We can only translate what is given to us; if the source material is bad the translation can’t be much better.


Is any non-standard form of delivery for the return of the translation needed?

e.g. courier, express delivery, recorded post, insurance, certification, legalisation?


Is the source material also to be returned?


Is there any urgency for the translation?

Is it a “rush” job or do we have time on our side?


Does the source material pose any potential difficulties?

e.g. poor legible text, complex terminology, use of dead words.


 Is there any research needed for the translation?

e.g. pertinent legislation, terminology, prior documentation, use of archives.


Will services other than the translation be required?

e.g. post-editing, proof-reading, alterations.


Is there any source of possible consequential liability of which the translator should be aware?


If you have any questions regarding your translation, please contact us to discuss your ideas or requirements further. Otherwise please send us your documents and we will quote you within minutes!

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