At Kwintessential, we like to share. In the Resources vault, you will find many downloadable, shareable and important documents pertaining to the art and business of translation.


If you are seeking specific knowledge, please scroll to the relevant area, however we also encourage casual browsing of all resources, just in case something catches your eye and piques your interest. We hope to provide as much information as you can absorb, with the intent of answering every linguistics and translation- related question you may have.


If there’s a burning query causing you to frantically search through every document available, but with no answer to be found, we encourage you to contact us, so that we may provide you with the knowledge you desire – and to remind us that other people may be searching for the same thing – so that we can create a new resource to fill the void.



Come and visit the Kwintessential newsroom – your one-stop-shop for all of our features, news reports, updates and blogs about the affairs and various language and translation-related happenings across the globe.


Obviously, we at Kwintessential find language and its many facets and nuances fascinating, and we hope to share this passion with our clients, partners and anyone who happens to be passing by the website on a quest for knowledge.

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Country Profiles


At Kwintessential we don’t just love languages, we love to learn about the world and the cultures and countries those languages are spoken in. Our country guides cover everything from etiquette, to local customs, culture and how to conduct business.


So whether you want to know what gift to give when you go for dinner in South Korea or how to conduct a successful business meeting in Brazil we have the guide for you.

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Useful Information


With over 14 years in the business we have picked up a lot of useful information and tips along the way, and being the generous people we are we would like to share them with you.


We have amassed a great deal of knowledge that spans from how to become a translator, to how to pick the best company to do your translations and much, much more.

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To put it as simply as possible: we love languages! Not just working with languages but learning about them too.


So we have decided to share some of the useful facts that we have picked up along the way with you. Look here for information on subjects including which languages expand the most in translation and which variant of Chinese you need for your requirements.

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