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Our app localisation service can assist in expanding your mobile app to other countries while ensuring familiarity.

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Translated, localised apps get more downloads and make more money

Improve your ROI, grow your user base and become a global leader in the mobile app market.

With Kwintessential, you’ll get professional, audience-appropriate app translations that your users will love. You won’t just get translated text – you’ll see how we subtly optimise app workflow to suit each region’s language, culture and expectations.

Mobile apps help everybody get more done – everywhere. Apps are no longer for casual games and social networks; today, they allow businesses to run more effectively and give users convenient access to their favourite services and content.

Whether you sell products online, provide SaaS or deliver great content to your fanbase, your app is often the best way for users to interact with your organisation.

When expanding your app offering to serve a global economy, maintaining high standards from language to language is vital. It would help if you were confident that no matter where your users are, they’ll have the best possible experience with your app.

App translation – a focused approach

We approach app translation with a focus on your audience and your business goals. When you’re moving into a new territory, you need the audience to be on your side from the first moment they interact with you. They need to know what you stand for and if you’re speaking to their own values.

That’s why our translators are native speakers – people who not only know the target language – but have been immersed in that specific local culture too.

Each language has variations; take English for example. There’s British English, American English and Australian English – all are mutually intelligible, but with their own small differences. Cultures in North America are as varied as each state and province, which impacts the language and can change the expectations of the audiences there.

In other languages, linguistic and cultural differences can be far more pronounced from region to region. Our app translators know their regions inside out, meticulously planning for each translation project before putting a single word down.

We focus on refining your app for usability, readability, colloquialisms and cultural expectations – so your translated app can provide the richest experience for your users, no matter what language they speak.

We’ll help you consider pricing and currency conversions, specific to your target location.

How our app translation and localisation service works

Our app translation and localisation service starts with deep planning. We get to know your project through and through, so we can anticipate challenges and find their solutions long before they arise. This attention to detail results in effective, accurate app translations that you and your users can trust.

We work with you to get the right information before we start. We’ll get to know your app, your business objectives, your tone of voice and your brand. We need to see if all of these elements work within a new language – and spot anything that could be inappropriate.

Important questions would include do you need to translate iOS apps or translate Android apps? Which devices and operating systems are the most popular in your target locale – and can you cater for that audience?

We’ll ask the key technical questions. Will you need to make changes to the layout of your app to accommodate for reading from right to left? Have you considered the cultural perceptions of certain colours, shapes and images? What about app pricing and currency conversion?

Once we’ve answered the questions raised by your app and have agreed to a plan with you, we’ll start translating – and your app is one step closer to going global.

App store optimised, market-ready

Marketing your app in a new territory is as important as the translation. Will your translated app show up in app marketplaces? And if it does, will users want to download it? We can help you localise your app store listing with translated images, videos, screenshots, and descriptions.

We’ll take your promotional materials and translate them too, to tie in with your app marketing campaigns both online and offline. Want to know more? Contact us today.

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