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Zulu translation at its best


We are an international translation agency with offices in the UK and South Africa. Priding ourselves on being the go-to company when looking for African languages, we provide first-rate Zulu to English or English to Zulu translations covering all requirements. Our team of professional and experienced Zulu translators will take care of providing top-quality translations, while our Project Management team ensure the project runs on point.


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A reliable translation company


Through years in the translation industry we understand what clients from across business sectors, large or small, want when they come to a translation company. Our customer-centric approach gives you access to fast, reliable and quality work in Zulu or any other language.  We offer a simple guarantee: you will receive your top-notch translation how you want it and when you want it.


Translation Quality


At a high-level our work in the translation industry is benchmarked through our accreditation with The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, The Association of Translation Companies and the European Language Industry Association.


Top-notch Service


Our back-office functions are in line with international standards through ISO:9001 certification. As a result our communication, our processes and our commitment to a high level of service are scrutinised by an external auditor every year.


African Language Experts


In terms of the Zulu language, we are specialists in African languages. Recognising the number of emerging economies on the continent we invested in building a team of translators covering the most in-demand languages. Having on office in South Africa, we deal with translations from English to Zulu and vice versa, everyday. We can also guarantee that a translator will always translate into their mother tongue – so a Zulu speaker will translate into Zulu and an English speaker will translate into English. This ensures the finest work.


A-Z Translation Know-How


Our team can deal with a range of materials including letters, brochures, business documents, articles, manuals, guides, contracts and much more. We have experience across business sectors including legal, tv & media, natural resources, mining, agriculture, marketing, technology, IT, shipping and retail. In short, whatever you need, we can help.


Did you know?…. the Zulu language


You probably know that Zulu is spoken in South Africa, Zululand and northern Natal. Did you know speakers are also found in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and Swaziland? It can also be referred to as Isizulu or Zunda but they are the same language. Dialects exist though, including Lala and Qwabe. Zulu is also linguistically close to Swazi and Xhosa.

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