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Make use of Kwintessential’s Welsh translation services to effectively communicate and persuade in the language. To ensure that the project is handled by experts in your field, we have a team of former and practising healthcare professionals for medical projects, and teachers for localising e-learning courses.

Additionally, our commitment to meeting ISO:9001 and ISO:17100 quality standards along with experienced project management guarantees accurate translations that will deliver the desired results.

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Quality: Kwintessential offers high-quality Welsh translation services that are reliable and accurate.

Experience: Our team of experienced translators have a wealth of knowledge in translating Welsh documents accurately and proficiently.

Speed: We understand the urgency of delivering your translations quickly, so we provide fast turnaround times for your Welsh translation requests.

Value: Our competitive rates make our Welsh translation services a great value proposition for those seeking to translate documents into or from the Welsh language.

Support: Kwintessential provides dedicated customer support to help ensure that your Welsh translation project is completed satisfactorily and on time.

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Join the multinational companies and individuals alike who use us when they need Welsh translation services in London for any project. Businesses of all sizes use us because they know they will get the same personal, attentive service no matter the scope of their project.

Every linguist working on your project will be a qualified, veteran translator who translates solely into their native languages.

For English to Welsh translation, this means someone who has grown up speaking Welsh from a young age. It also means that for Welsh to English translation, we prioritise using an English native speaker who also has complete mastery of Welsh.

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Use our Welsh translation services to get everything you need in one convenient place. Take advantage of subject matter expertise in a vast array of fields, including our regular work in delivering:

Whether your project is big or small, simple or complex – we are here to help!

At Kwintessential, we understand that clear communication is vital to business success. That’s why we offer Welsh translation services that allow you to connect with a whole new audience. Whether you’re a London-based startup looking to expand your customer base or a multinational corporation operating in the UK, we can help you quickly reach Welsh-speaking customers.

Our team of expert translators are fluent in both Welsh and English, ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive translations every time. So why wait? With Kwintessential’s Welsh translation services, you can open up a world of opportunities for your business. Contact us now!

Vital facts to understand about the Welsh language

Are Welsh and Gaelic the same language?

No, Welsh and Gaelic are not the same languages. Even to say Gaelic is one “language” isn’t quite correct. The Gaelic or Goidelic languages are a dialect continuum of three modern languages – Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Manx.

All three modern Gaelic languages and Welsh are classed as living Celtic languages. However, Welsh is from a different branch of the Celtic language tree, what is known as Brythonic (British Celtic) languages. This means it has more in common with Breton or Cornish than Irish, Manx, or Scottish Gaelic.

A speaker of Welsh or any of the Brythonic languages will almost always be completely unintelligible to a speaker of any of the three modern Gaelic languages, and vice versa.

What other language is Welsh most like?

Welsh is what’s called a Brythonic language. Sometimes written as “Brittonic”, these languages descend from the Common Brittonic language that was spoken all over the island of Great Britain in the Iron Age and was taken to Brittany by Britons who emigrated there in the 5th and 6th centuries.

The only surviving modern Brittonic or Brythonic languages are Welsh, Cornish, and Breton. While it is true to say these three languages are closely related (they are usually termed p-Celtic languages), they are not mutually intelligible unless some effort is made on the part of the speakers.

Do the Welsh have different languages?

There are two official languages in Wales – Welsh (Cymraeg) and English. English is the main official language, while Welsh has more limited official uses but is required in certain situations by law.

There are several dialects of Welsh, but there is only one Welsh language. It was estimated in 2021 that almost 30% of people in Wales could speak Welsh (that’s around 884 000 people).

This is thanks to extensive protests and efforts made to preserve and spread the language after many years of decline. By 2050, the Welsh government now has plans to triple this number of speakers. These efforts combined mean that Welsh is the only Celtic language not considered “endangered” by UNESCO.

There are several thousand people who speak a dialect of Welsh in Patagonia, Argentina. You will also find many Welsh speakers in the rest of the UK, the US, and Australia.

How many Welsh languages are there?

There is only one Welsh language. Confusingly, it has been referred to by several different terms throughout history. The English once called it “British” or “Cymric” as well as “Cambrian” or “Cambric”. In Welsh, the language is called Cymraeg.

It is worth noting that while most people would say there are northern (Gogledd) and southern (De) versions of the language, there are technically five dialects of Welsh. These are the Gwynedd dialect (Y Wyndodeg), the Powys dialect (Y Bowyseg), the Dyfed dialect (Y Ddyfedeg), the dialect of Gwent and Morgannwg (Y Wenhwyseg), and Patagonian Welsh.

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