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Join the companies that use our Swedish translation services in London, across the UK, and worldwide for all of their localisation needs.

Covering everything from e-learning courses to mission-critical business documents to contracts and marketing, we always match your project with a Swedish translator who is a subject matter specialist. This ensures that no matter what language you’re communicating in, you speak with real authority.

Whether you need a Swedish to English or English to Swedish translation, it will be handled by in-country translators. Because only native-speaking linguists will be aware of the constant shifts in the language such as new vocabulary.

Take advantage of precise, persuasive translations which always meet the ISO:9001 and ISO:17100 quality standards. As well as a dedicated project management team who will see your project through to successful completion.

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  • Get your own personal project manager assigned to see to your needs
  • Request a free quote and enjoy competitive rates
  • Count on the highest quality work delivered by native-speaking linguists
  • Have your translation handled by a qualified and/or experienced specialist in your field

Swedish translation by an expert in your field

Subject matter knowledge is often what separates an adequate translation from a truly persuasive and accurate one. That is why we always match your project’s subject matter with the relevant expert linguist.

That might mean a current or former lawyer if your project concerns legal matters. Or a practising or qualified healthcare professional if your project relates to a medical field.

Clients using our Swedish to English or English to Swedish translation services in London and around the world commonly request:

  • Manufacturing translations
  • Financial translations
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical translations
  • Healthcare translations
  • Government translations
  • Public sector translations
  • Design and advertising translations
  • IT hardware and software translations

Native-speaking Swedish translators

Every single one of our Swedish translators translates into their native language. For English to Swedish translation, this means a native Swedish speaker.

On the other side, this means a native English speaker for Swedish to English translations. This is important. Because only a native can create a final translation that looks completely natural to a native reader.

All-purpose Swedish translations services in London

Format-wise, we regularly translate marketing brochures, emails, PDF files, websites and all kinds of other content. Whatever your project consists of, we will have the right expert to complete it for you.

You can also rely on us to handle any artwork or typesetting through our multilingual DTP service. Your final translation can be delivered to you publication-ready.

Information you should know about the Swedish language

What is Sweden’s language?

Swedish, or Svenska, is spoken by almost everyone in Sweden.

There are a number of different dialects of Swedish though, roughly divided into six groups called sockenmål. These are Finland Swedish, Götamål, Gutnish (or Gotlandic), Norrland, South Swedish, and Svealand Swedish. Some of these dialects are different enough from standard Swedish that they could be considered another language.

There are also five official minority languages in Sweden. These are Finnish, Meänkieli (sometimes called Tornedal), Romani, the Sámi languages, and Yiddish.

How many people speak Swedish?

Around 7.8 million people in Sweden speak Swedish as their first language. Almost all of Sweden’s population of 10 million speak it as a first or second language.

You will also hear Swedish spoken by the large population of Swedish Finns in Finland, in many cities on the Denmark side of the two nations’ watery border, and – it’s estimated – that around half a million people of Swedish descent in the United States have at least some level of fluency in the language.

What language is similar to Swedish?

Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian – often referred to collectively as the Scandinavian languages – are very similar to each other. Indeed, some people argue that they are a dialect continuum.

All three languages evolved from Old Norse (popularised today in the rest of the world as the language of the Vikings). Speakers of one are usually able to understand speakers of the others to at least a certain degree.

Danish and Norwegian are probably the most similar. At least, they share almost the same vocabulary. Yet they are pronounced very differently. Swedish and Norwegian have different vocabularies. But they sound very similar in terms of pronunciation.

Is Swedish like German?

Swedish and German are both Germanic languages. But then, so is English. In fact, English and German are both West Germanic languages in terms of classification. Swedish is technically North Germanic.

Despite this, because of the way the languages evolved, German and Swedish do have a vocabulary that is recognisably from the same root. But strangely, if you see Swedish written down, it looks more like English than it does German.

If you hear someone speaking German alongside someone speaking Swedish, the difference is very noticeable. This skin-deep impression is borne out in the differences in the structure of the languages. Swedish has no cases, while German has four. Swedish has two genders, while German has three.

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